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A new video has emerged showing the only known wild Jaguar in the United States.

On February 3rd The Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity in Tucson, Arizona released their new video that shows the only known wild jaguar in the United States – right now. The jaguar was caught on remote sensor cameras up in the Santa Rita Mountains, right outside of Tuscon. This is the first ever publicly released video of this jaguar. You can read more about the jaguar HERE. After this checkout this bobcat that caught a shark.

Conservation CATalyst is the leading organization surveying the mountainous regions of southeastern Arizona for endangered jaguars and ocelots, and we have been tracking the only known wild jaguar in the United States with assistance from our specially trained detection dog. Though incredibly rare, both jaguars and ocelots are native to Arizona and can still be found in the Arizona sky islands such as the Santa Rita Mountains. We are leading on the ground efforts to unravel the mysteries of these spotted cats in Arizona. Via – Conservation CATalyst

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