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20 Funny Dogs Who Are Clearly in Trouble

Dog shaming is a social media phenomenon that emerged to entertain and take the place of therapy for pet owners. These funny pictures are often the only outlet that frustrated puppy owners have when confronted with destruction and mayhem upon their return home. Dogs are your best friends. But when you leave them alone, they tend to get bored and start entertaining themselves. Their idea of entertainment, are definitely not what we find to be funny, until we take a photo and share them with the world. Check out these 20 pictures of funny dogs who are clearly in trouble!

A Dog Sitting On The Floor After Leaving Behind A Mess

He’s actually proud.

A Dog That Is Standing In Front Of A Funny Dog Shaming Sign For Throwing Trash On The Floor

He at least looks a little sorry.

A Dog Sitting On A Tile Floor Wearing A Funny Dog Shaming Sign Saying He Ate 15 Pounds Of Trash

The victor.

A Funny Dog Lying On A Dog Bed With His Front Paws Through The Lid Of A Trash Can

Looking so nonchalant, like what?

A Close Up Of A Dog With A Funny Expression Lying On A Sofa With The Fabric Ripped Open To Reveal Ripped Foam Cushioning


A Dog With A Funny Expression Sitting In Front Of A Door That Was Ripped To Pieces By Said Dog

Oh wow, the door broke. Huh.

Funny Dog That Needs Help With His Hind Legs Stuck In Venetian Window Blinds

A little help?

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Funny Little Dog Needs Help With His Head Through A Plastic Garbage Can Lid

Huh, this? It’s nothing.

A Funny Picture Of A Dog Sitting Next To A Toilet Bowl After He Threw A Roll Of Toilet Paper Into It

Oops! How did that get there?

A Dog With A Funny Expression Standing On A Shelf Of An Open Refrigerator

Hey, is this where my kibble is?

A Funny Dog Looking Amused With A Yoda Stuffed Toy He Ripped Open With All Its Stuffing On The Floor

Murdered he was.

A Dog Giving A Funny Side Glance To A Torn Up Piece Of Paper


A Funny Puppy Sitting On The Floor In Front Of A Half Chewed Up Remote

Oh, hey, now you can watch me instead of TV.

A Funny Golden Retriever With His Head And Front Paw Through The Arm Of A Plastic Lawn Chair

Some help please?

A Dog With Chalk Colors On Its Back After Lying On The Sidewalk With A Rainbow Painted With Chalk

I made art.

A Cat Sitting Next To A Dog

We aren’t doing anything wrong.

Dog Sitting In Front Of A Piece Of Paper Saying He Howls When My Mom'S Phone Rings So She Misses The Start Of Each Conversation.

Just saying hello!

Small Dog Standing In A Hallway With Ripped Up Paper Strewn Over The Floor

Trash fears me.

A Dog Sitting On The Floor Looking Ashamed Next To An Open Box Of Flour Which Has Been Chewed Open

I thought it was kibble.

A Dog Sitting With Head Down Next To Some Ripped Up Pizza Boxes

If I don’t look…

One Dog Looking Happy While The Other Looks Ashamed Next To Some Torn Newspaper Strewn All Over The Floor

One is proud, and one is sad.

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