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Husky Puppy Diaries

The year 2020 has seen some huge disruptions in the world. From hoarding of toilet paper to an entire aviation industry brought to a near standstill, the one constant in the world this year seems to be surprises! One particularly surprising trend is the huge increase in people getting puppies! We at TheFunnyBeaver decided to get in on the action and have decided to sponsor a rambunctious, but melt-your-heart kind of cute puppy, affectionately named Luna!

We want to share Luna’s life with all our readers so we’ll be regularly keeping you updated on Luna’s day-to-day activities. If you’re a fan of animals, and want your daily dose of cuteness, book mark this page and come back regularly!

Updates from Week 5

5 weeks came and went in a flash. Little Luna is not so little anymore. Luna’s been getting bigger and more rambunctious. She’s still sleeping a good 18-20 hours a day. However, when she sleeps during the day, she always sleeps with one eye open so as to not miss out on anything. 

Big adventure this week was that Luna jumped in to the water and swam! Unfortunately, it wasn’t intentional, she was trying to drink the water whilst standing off the back of the SUP, lost her grip and fell in. There was a moment of panic with a yelp, but she soon discovered that she floats, and can doggie paddle back to the SUP. She was looking quite confident on the SUP after that.

Luna On A Sup After A Swim

Luna Has A Play / Fight Date With A Brown Lab

A little mouth to mouth wrestling with a chocolate brown lab.

Luna Meets A Bird

Luna gets up close and personal with a fearless bird!

Updates from Week 4

Can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since Little Luna arrived in her new home. I’m happy to report that she’s almost 100% house broken. That is, if you don’t count her peeing in her wading pool. For some reason, Luna has this urge to pee whenever she steps foot in water. Be it a lake, shower, or wading pool, having wet feet seem to be the key to activating her bladder!

This week saw Luna escape the summer heat by a lake. She figured out how to sit on a SUP (stand-up paddle board).

Luna The Husky Puppy In A Lake To Cool Off

Husky Puppy Sitting On A Standup Paddle Board On A Lake

She also lost her first tooth! Did you know that dogs also lose teeth like humans? If you’re wondering which one, it’s the 4th bottom incisor (you’ll see a small red mark in the gap left by the missing tooth)!

Luna Lost Her First Tooth

Finally, she’s grown in size and weight! In 4 short weeks, she’s almost doubled in weight and size! An incredible feat.

Luna The Puppy Looking Quite Big Now!

Updates from Week 3

In her third week at her new home, Luna has calmed down a little and is almost house broken. Well, to be exact, she will only go “do her business” in the garden, but not when she’s out on walks. And she likes to go to the shower to pee on the tile floor. Not really the intended training, but it’s not bad for a 12 week old puppy!

She’s learnt a few dog tricks…  Luna can now respond to sit, down (lying down), and bang (play dead). Pretty quick learner!

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Luna The Husky Puppy Learning To Play Dead

The excitement this week was that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to see how she reacts to SNOW! So we took her up to a glacier and went for a little walk in snow! Luna took to snow like a fish in water! She LOVED IT!

Luna The Husky Puppy Taking In The Glacier
Luna Husky Pup Stepping On Snow Hesitantly
Luna The Husky Puppy Seeing Snow For The First Time

Updates from Week 2

Luna the husky has been up to her usual rambunctious self during her second week at home. Her body weight increased from 11 lbs to 12 lbs and she’s been sleeping from around 9pm to 5am, a pretty incredible feat of bladder holding for a 11 week old pup!

During the day, she’s full of energy from around 9am to 10:30am and then takes a nice leisurely nap from 11am to about 1pm.

She learnt how to sit, go down, and paw during this week. Pretty fast learner!

One piece of not so good news is that she seems to be a compulsive scratcher. She visited a vet and the vet couldn’t find any mites, or flees, but said maybe she’s suffering from an allergy to her food, or something in the environment. We’ll keep a close eye and keep you posted. In the mean time, enjoy these photos!

Luna The Husky Pup Learning To Sit

Img 5479



Luna The Husky Pup Having An Afternoon Nap In Her Crate

Luna also went on a hike and met a friend Brown Lab. Here’s a little clip of their interactions!

Updates from Week 1

In her first week, Luna the husky has been getting familiar with her new home and neighborhood. 

Luna Husky Puppy Awake After Nap

Luna Husky Puppy Running Like The Wind
Luna Husky Puppy Mid Yawn

Luna The Husky Pup Going For A Walk

Photos from Day 1

Husky Puppy On Deck With Big Stick Looking Up
Husky Puppy Lying On Deck Chewing On Big Stick
Husky Puppy Lying On Carpet Chewing On Stick With Eyes Closed
Husky Puppy Lying On Carpet Chewing On Stick With Eyes Open
Husky Puppy Lying On Grass Chewing On Toy
Husky Puppy Lying On Grass Chewing On Toy 2
Husky Puppy Lying On Grass Chewing On Toy 3
Husky Puppy Sitting On Grass Holding On To Toy In Mouth

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