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10 Disney DIY Projects You Must Try

Diy Disneymermaidlight

This Disney DIY light project lets you go “under the sea” as it features The Little Mermaid’s Ariel

Diy Disneyroseglass

Beauty and the Beast’s iconic stained glass rose is a great Disney DIY project that doesn’t require much effort to make it look like real glass


Diy Snowwhiteapple

In just a few minutes, you can make your own Snow White DIY poison apple


Diy Bleacheddisneyshirt


Make a Mickey Mouse (or any other character) DIY bleached shirt to wear at the parks or just around town

Diy Disneycoasters

Don’t throw away your old Park maps.. turn them into a DIY Disney coaster or two!

Diy Pomgarland

Make it a Disney day with this adorable DIY Mickey Mouse pompom garland

Diy Disneynotebooks

Create these easy Disney DIY notebooks with homages to the Disney princesses — they’re perfect for character autographs or as gifts

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Diy Earbuds

Earbuds get lost and tangled, but you can make this DIY Disney earbud holder…or use it as a change purse

Diy Washernecklace

Washers become Disney necklaces with this DIY necklace craft

Diy Disneywreaths

Keep the Disney spirit alive with a year-round DIY Disney wreath for your door


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