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62 Disney Memes Every Disney Fan Will Find Hilarious

Disney 101Dalmations

I’m so doggone hungry, mom.

Disney Addresses

I guess you could also add “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” for Neverland.

Disney Apologize


Disney Beast

Belle, pay attention.

Disney Carribean

That’s a thinker.

Disney Cheers

Disney movies: Trust strange men you meet randomly.

Disney Cinderellasleep

Bird, I only need you for singing happy songs and helping me with housework.

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Disney Coffee

Biddiboppity OH YEAH!

Disney Datknee


Disney Daycare

Is that you, McQueen?

Disney Difficult

Gotta get my head on.

Disney Eggs

Mouse on the mind!

Disney Facebook

Think how much shorter Disney movies would be if they had Facebook.

Disney France

When Disney meets history in a horrible way…

Disney Furniture

Why hello, credenza! How are you today?

Disney Hakuna

Only Disney fans will get it.

Disney Hans

He needs defeated!

Disney Jake

Hm.. a little less yo ho yo, a little more no, no, no!

Disney Jurassicpark

Hi, I’m Rex! I’m going to eat you now!

Disney Kids

Though…probably not.

Disney Kiss

It would be EASY, just kiss her.

Disney Cinderella Dress

Come Cinderella, we can make it work!

Disney Lime

If there’s lime around you, run!

Disney Loveofhislife

Hmm..he’s maybe not that into you.

Disney Mcqueen

I’d watch this movie.

Disney Me2017

Inner peace, ya’ll!

Disney Mornings

At least I’m a Disney princess.

Disney Mufasa

That joke is a source of pride.

Disney Mulan

Seriously, one swipe and it’s gone.


It hasn’t got to the part about “Are you still watching?” yet.

Disney Nosignal

The circle of mobile life.

Disney Opendoor

Now we can finish each other’s….sandwiches..

Disney Parks

I’m going to show him a new world of anger.

Disney Pause

My eyes!

Disney Peterpan

Boy, it’s okay if you feel like a lost on this joke.


Dug doesn’t like the cone of shame.


2017-2020: What if all of our movies had sequels?


He MURDERED that I and we watched as children.

Disney Pokemon

It’s our problem-free, philosophy…

Disney Push

You either don’t get it, or you buy a bunch of salt-and-pepper shakers of the trash can.

Disney Rages

I’ve never related more to this Disney character.

Disney Rock

I think he’s good.

Disney Sadfacts

The worst is that I’ll be feeling like this for months!

Disney Scar

Long live the king!

Disney Sharingfood


Disney Sharkdate

I think their relationship is pretty deep.

Disney Sid

Now you’re the toy, Sid.

Disney Snowwhite

Just another unrealistic thing from Disney!

Disney Tarzan

Did the gorillas teach him to shave? I mean, he lived in the utter wild for years!

Disney Teacup

He’s right!

Disney Trap

So trapped, and yet we keep going back.

Disney Trip

Honestly, I think mine’s more fun.

Disney Universal


Disney Utensils

My fork is just a fork!

Disney Walk

Benefits of being a princess.

Disney Whenim

Ah, that’s the best one, the last one.

Disney Yolo

You can’t tell me what to do!

Funny Donald

He just needs Huey, Dewey and Louie.

Funny Guinea

A new fantastic place to chew…

Funny Jafar

I’ll be there…Aladdin.

Funny Sup

Sup? Wanna travel the world with me?

Disney Findingdory

That’s the magic of Disney.

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