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22 Funny Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

Funny Superhero

So this is my purpose in life. When’s my first mission?

Funny Snap

There could be no warning signs either.

Funny Hard

I mean I’d surely notice an alien in my house..or so I’d like to think. Is that what is part of “Keeping it together”?

Funny Car

You should be so lucky to see me.

Funny Cactus

You’re a porcupine and a cactus rolled in one…one prickly person.

Funny Wrong

It’s my one true talent.

Funny Winging

There, that’s my secret. I believe in transparency.


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Funny Wine

Bottoms up!

Funny Treats

Don’t forget a comfortable bed.

Funny Tooam

Can we start the day a little later? Say…2 P.M.?

Funny Period

“It wasn’t me just being irrational!” I realize with relief.

Funny Overslept

Too bad they can’t cancel themselves out.

Funny Morning

Yeah, enjoy your stupid morning, bird.

Funny Middlefinger

You’re the only one I can count on.

Funny Knives

Never can be too prepared.


Funny Heart

Me and the brain have this under control.

Funny Happens least I got up.

Funny Grocerystore

Like, go faster!

Funny Coffeedrinking

So take the hint.

Funny Coffee

It’s just you and me against the world.

Funny Callme

I’m here for you.


Funny Bloated

So that’s why my stomach is like that!

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