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25 UFO Memes Because We May Want to Believe But We’re Busy Right Now
Ufo Heading In

It’s time.

Ufo Barely Noticed

A lot of memes.

Ufo No One Cares


Ufo Conspiracy

Filling up the card.

Ufo Pentagon Dragon

Just a blip on the radar.


We don’t. 

Ufo Capture 25

Let’s use a camera from a Kmart that closed in 1997 instead.

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Ufo Zero Interest


Ufo Do It Myself

Release the UFO pics!


Ufo Lockdown

A bad time for Earth.

Ufo This Is 2020 Aliens

It’s a new world!

Ufo Closed Earth

Too much going on.

Ufo Pentagon Spongebob


Ufo Aliens Defeat

They’ll try anything.

Pentagon Ufo Release

We’re good.

Ufo Meanwhile

And we didn’t even blink.

Ufo Overlords


Ufo Alien Overlord

Oh no.

Ufo Confirmed Meme


Ufo Shoot Bird

Then add some dirt to the lens.

Ufo Quality Video

The lowest.

Ufo On Tape

I want to believe.

Ufo Kim Johg


Ufo Dealing With

So much.

Ufo Frog Tongue

Very scary.

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