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22 More Irresistibly Funny Quotes
Funny 50Shades

So tired. So very tired. Not the 50 shades you were looking for right?




Funny AllergicmorningsI think the only cure is afternoons.




Funny Basement

I didn’t think it could go lower but here we are!


Funny Beepboop

It’s so silly it might just work!


Funny Coconutoil

Coconut oil is the cure for everything. 




Funny Dancetoddler

They just dance their hearts out!


Funny Dontthink

I can continue to do fine.


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Funny Dropnonstop

Nothing wrong with this.



Funny Getupsurvive

Start again tomorrow and repeat. 



Funny Giveupsummerdiet

Time for some pumpkin everything..



Funny Holdingastick

Just don’t tempt me!



Funny Icecream

It comes in all kinds of flavors too.



Funny Jurassicpark

And the park is on fire. 



Funny Keepthinking

Like what would give them that idea?



Funny Peoplespam

Imagine the possibilities!



Funny Photoshop

Try as you might…



Funny Practicehell

It’s good practice you have to admit.



Funny Sesamestreet

Can you tell me how to get….



Funny Talkagame

That’s what truly matters.




Funny Twofaced

Being two-faced takes a real kind of person.




Funny Walkthroughfire

But a kind of hot room!



Funy Middlefinger

You can do it! That finger and your head will get you through..


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