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32 Sleeping Memes for People Who Just Want Sleep

Why won’t it accept our relationship?!


I mean, this is some good sleep. Is it worth it…really?


Gotta be careful to not miss a time!


No. I’m just laying motionless and quiet because I want to.


Best feeling ever!


And I’m out!


It says that I LOVE sleep. So. much.


And I can do it over and over and over and over.


Like clockwork. 


Yep, nobody needs that.


Happy smiles to the alarm!


And continuing to sleep after I’ve been left alone. Um..hint.


Sleep and sleep and sleep too.


So rude. Don’t you think about what you’re saying to me.


I’m just as cute and cuddly too..except for when you’re interrupt my sleep.


Who dares?!



I have so little to enjoy…


Don’t you agree?


Why? Whyyyyyy?


Best feeling ever, especially since I’m sleeping!


Seriously, who? Do you know what you’ve done?


Either way, I love em!


I hope we can get over our differences and I can just sleep much more now. Gotta make up for last time.


That evil machine.


Believe in yourself!



But obviously we’re not, so let’s just keep sleeping.


No resting peace…damn it.


I hated waking up, but at least it’s like bonus sleep!



It’s a struggle. I tried so hard today it almost counted as exercise.


There is no between.


This is ridiculous, and I refuse to acknowledge it.


Why must we part every day?



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