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Many people prefer when it comes to adoption, to adopt an animal that is healthy and young. As a result, many animals that are older than the preferable or are having a condition, they tend to remain at the shelter for a very long time even though they are full of love. However, Lola a woman from Georgia, decided to give a chance and adopt a kitty that was near-blind. Little did she know that she would end up with two adorable and loving kitties after a long adventure! Make sure not to miss # 19, #17 and #16!

20. A Special Kitty


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Lola Ayers, was living in Georgia when she decided that she would love to share her home with an adorable kitty. So, one day she visited a shelter and adopted a near-blind kitty. However, little did she know that she would have to return to the shelter soon. Click next to learn more!

19. A Big Surprise


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Soon enough Lola found out that the kitty she had adopted had also a brother at the same shelter, waiting to find a loving home. He was also really special, like his adorable brother. Do you want to know how special these two little kitties were? Click next!

18. Humphrey


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The adorable kitty that Lola had adopted first was named Humphrey and he was a really special kitty. They instantly fell in love with each other! Click next to find out what made this kitty so special!

17. Special Cat Eyes


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Little Humphrey was born with a condition that affected his eyes and as a result, he was near-blind. This condition is called Microphthalmia, and it affects the size of the eyes, making them abnormally small.

16. A Little Warrior


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Although Humphrey couldn’t see very well, he managed to adapt easily to his new home. His other heightened senses helped him go around the house and live like a normal kitty.


15. The One


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“I knew that Humphrey was the one when I first saw him. The way he interacted with me compared to the other cats I’d seen at the shelter, he was immediately attached to me,” Lola told us.

14. A Glimpse


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While Lola was still at the shelter, filling out the paperwork in order to adopt little Humphrey, she saw another cat that also had an eye condition. However, after Lola adopted Humphrey, she went home with her knew kitty.

13. Unforgettable Eyes

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Even thought the time had passed, Lola couldn’t forget about the other cat with the eye abnormality that saw in the shelter. She was wondering if the cat had been adopted.

12. The Decision


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“I went on Facebook and found that he was rescued by Purr Nation in Woodstock, Georgia,” Lola said. She couldn’t forget about the poor kitty, so she decided that if the cat hadn’t found a home yet, she would be the one that would offer that.

11.  Still Looking For Home


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As she was really determined to adopt the kitty, she talked to the rescue team about the cat. Surprisingly, she found out that the cat was Humphrey’s birth brother. Also, the little cat was still looking for loving home.

10. A Warm Home For Both


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Lola immediately decided that she would adopt the kitty. So without any hesitation she reached out to the shelter and offered to provide a warm home and a loving family to this special kitty.

9. Adoption Day

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When Lola informed the shelter about her desire to adopt the other kitty, they were really happy. As a result, the adoption fees were waived by the shelter due to Lola’s kind gesture.

8. An Adorable Blind Kitty


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“Edgar (the brother) was also born with Microphthalmia. He has eyelid agenesis as well, which means his eyelids weren’t fully developed,” Lola told us. However, he was still really adorable.


7. Reunited


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The two brothers reunited after seven months and started their new life together in their loving home. Due to his heightened senses, Humphrey recognised his brother due to his scent and after that he wanted to be by his side all the time.

6. Needing A Little Time


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Although Humphrey was really friendly and loving to his brother, Edgar was shy at first. He also had done an eye surgery and that made him a bit hesitant. However, after some time Edgar started be more open.

5. A New Start


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“After getting used to his surroundings, Edgar started to remember Humphrey, and now it’s as if they were never apart,” Lola told us. Everything seemed to be going really well for the two siblings.


4. Spending Time Together


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Now, the two adorable kitties can’t be way from each other for long. They also seek the attention of their beloved mother on a daily basis. They really enjoy spending time together!

3. A Strong Bond


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“They’re both very protective of each other, and they’re always watching to make sure the other is safe,” Lola admitted to us. Their bond is really strong and they are always together.

2. Humphrey, The Protector


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“Humphrey is definitely the protector since Edgar can’t see as well.” He is always around making sure that her brother is safe from any possible danger. Together, they are making the best team!


1. Partners In Crime


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“Their personalities are the sweetest, they love to cuddle and talk to you,” Lola told us. “They love to run around the house and get into trouble together!” They are the best partners in crime!





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