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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can be great friends to other animals too. You’ve heard of working dogs like the border collie, which shepherds sheep around, but what about a bunny-feeding dog? Kalle the dog does just that! Look at this

12. Let’s Feed the Bunnies

Dog Holdin Carrots To Feed Rabbits 0 2 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Kalle knows the bunnies are hungry. He walks over to the where the fluffy creatures are with the carrots in his mouth.

11. Snacktime

Dog Holdin Carrots To Feed Rabbits 0 14 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Lowering the carrots to the bunnies, Kalle holds out the crisp vegetables for his friends to munch. These leafy carrots are delicious for bunnies but they’re actually just a treat. This is a special treat delivered by a special friend.

10. Know the Routine

Dog Holdin Carrots To Feed Rabbits 0 14 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Kalle knows the routine and waits patiently for his friends to nibble on the carrots. The wirehaired Hungarian vizsla is a sweet good-natured dog who clearly loves the bunnies.

9. Munch Away

Dog Holdin Carrots To Feed Rabbits 0 26 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Kalle lives in Poland, as you can tell from the sign. The sign near him actually says that “no dogs are allowed.” You see, no other dogs need to be near Kalle and his buddies!

8. Pigging Out

Dog Holdin Carrots To Feed Rabbits 0 19 Screenshot

Image: youtube

Now the bunnies aren’t alone in their quest for a yummy carrot! A hungry piglet has joined. Kalle isn’t bothered and the piggy jump in with a nibble.

7.  Kalle is Patient

Dog Holdin Carrots To Feed Rabbits 0 28 Screenshot

Image: youtube

The piglet tries to pull away his own carrot but Kalle isn’t having it! Good try piglet. Unlike bunnies, pigs are able to have carrots in bulk. Bunnies can’t because carrots are high in sugar — it’s like humans eating mass quantities of candy.

6. Carrots

Carrots Tribune

Image: the tribune

Pigs should not consist just on carrots though, and neither should bunnies. I don’t know if Kalle likes carrots, but dogs can eat these vegetables! Vets actually like them as a source of protein for dogs either cooked or raw.  

5. Interstate and Highway

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Image: truckwriters

Here’s a story about a dog and a bunny that will make you feel good. An Ohio truck driver named Dan O’Grady was driving in Jacksonville when he spotted a dog alone on the shoulder of a road. He pulled over to help the dog but didn’t know what to expect after the dog darted off.

4. Getting Close

Orvis Jr

Image: orvis

As Dan tried to get closer to the dog, the dog would bark and runoff away from him. Why? He kept trying but the pattern continued. He would get closer, the dog would run off. Finally he saw why: a rabbit.

3. Follow Me!

Rabbit 209609 1920 1

Image: pixabay

The dog was leading him to a white domestic rabbit that was huddled in the woods. The poor thing was scared but his dog friend led help to him. Dan scooped up the rabbit and took it to the truck with the dog trailing him.

2. Safe and Sound

Bunny Saved

Image: the dodo

Once inside the truck, both animals were safe. Dan drove them to the local humane society but they were unable to take the rabbit. The shelter took in the dog which Dan nicknamed “Highway” and was able to adopt him out.

1. Home to Ohio

Bunny Sit

Image: the dodo

As for the rabbit, Interstate, Dan kept driving back to Ohio, eventually ending up in Summit County. There the rabbit was safe and sound thanks to his sweet dog friend. Although 3 lbs and sickly, he was able to make a recovery. There’s an even better ending: the rabbit was adopted into a new home pretty quickly as well.

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