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Crate-training pet parents, this one’s for you. A new Xiaomi project, the The Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest is perfect for small pets like cats and puppies. The product is currently in a crowdfunding stage in China, but is expected to be released globally later. Since we’re all about the newest and coolest tech for everyone in the family, we decided to take a look at this exciting pet gadget.

Moestar Capsule

True to its name, the Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest is shaped just like a spaceship pod. There are two entrances so help pets enter and exit the capsule with ease. You’re advised to use it only with dogs weighing under 8 lbs (4 kg) and cats under 17 lbs (8 kg). It’s ideal for small breed dogs like Chihuahuas, plus kittens and puppies. The diameter of both entrances 7 inches,  or 19 centimeters across. The design is sleek but you can quickly see why chonks need not apply for staying here.

Moestar Sensors

Inside the Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest you’ll find not only on a comfy place for pets to relax, but also several technological features you can appreciate. There’s reportedly a smart temperature control system to ensure pet comfort. This uses an environment sensor and semiconductor heat pump, and adjusts as needed. The design also includes a refrigerator system to prevent condensation from building up in the nest. The interior features LED lighting and you can change the LED color as desired. Also built in to the Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest are a series of sensors. These monitor your pet’s activity, recording its movements by capturing each time your pet moves inside. Even your pet’s sleep patterns are monitored via sensor and then uploaded. The companion Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest app lets you access the data with the push of a button and you can change the LED color or temperature as needed. It also alerts you to any accidental poops, perfect for puppies who haven’t quite been housebroken. 

400;”>This sleek pet gadget is scheduled for release in China this fall for $50 USD, but no U.S. launch date is available just yet. However, as Xiaomi has made several pet gadgets including the Xiaomi Petbit Smart Pet Dog Locator and the Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder, you should be able to buy this soon enough, at least on websites that ship to U.S. addresses. 


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