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30 Ridiculous Wikihow Memes Because They Don’t Get Enough Attention
Wiki Are Boy

You are the best boy!

Wiki Cat Flight

Know all your options.

Wiki Dance Routine

Bust a move.

Wiki Dance Under


Wiki Everyobyd Hates


Wiki From Distance


Wiki Inquire

Hi, yes, I spit fire?

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Wiki Jam Eye

Stop them.

Wiki Life Problem


Wiki Make Jokes Constantly

Just laugh!

Wiki Midlife

Just embrace it.

Wiki Ruining You Rlife

Plot twist.

Wiki Seahorse

It loves the sea.

Wiki Social

Make a new friend.

Wiki Tiny Hammer

Do you?

Wiki Spot Stoner

What one is it?

Wiki Tricka Dog

So easy.

Wiki Whale Noises


Wiki Woman


Wiki Yeah Wimp

Let them guess. Be mysterious.

Wikihow Run Drug


Wiki Order Monopoly

Hey, I need about 5 more hotels.

Wiki Pledge

*Computer start sound amplifies*

Wiki Unique

Get creative.

Wiki Medusa


Wiki Transmit

A very useful skill.

Wiki Survive Dr Phil

He brought a knife!

Wiki Single Soul

Didn’t take the apology.

Wiki Udder


Wiki Basketball

No, don’t ask them about basketball.


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