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There are thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets looking for food at any given moment. Life is hard on them and the only way out of that struggle is to get adopted. Dobby is a small dog that was fortunate enough to find a loving home, but sadly, that wasn’t his last challenge!

19. A Noble Thing


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Adopting a stray dog is a noble thing to do. These animals need to make it on their own and that isn’t an easy task on the streets, especially when no one wants to give them a helping hand… But this little guy you’re about to meet is one of the lucky ones!

18. A Rough Life

19 Life On The Streets Is Hard And Food Is Scarce

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Even though there are hundreds of animal rescue centers, there are just way too many dogs who get abandoned and end up on the streets. Sadly, the rescue centers can’t take them all. This is why Shani Coppa felt like she needed to adopt a dog. Here’s what she did… it’s amazing!

17. Adopting Dobby

18 Shani Coppa Is A Dog Lover And She Took In Dobby

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Dobby is the cute dog we are seeing in this picture and a woman named Shani Coppa rescued him. Shani is an animal lover and she spotted Dobby rummaging for food near her house. Seeing this, she knew that she needed to do something about it.

16. Puppy Mills

10 Giving Him Delicious Food

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Shani noticed that Dobby is a cute little dog and she realized that the only thing that would happen to him if he keeps living on the streets is to end up in a puppy mill, and she didn’t want that to happen. So she took the tiny pup home! His face it the next photo says it all…

15. Life Is Getting Better

16 Live Was Getting Better But He Has One More Difficult Challenge

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Now that Shani took Dobby into her house, the little dog’s life was finally getting better. Unfortunately, Dobby still had one more challenge that he needed to overcome! The good news is that his new mommy will take very good care of him. But little did she know that the pooch will return the favor in the most incredible way!

14. Dobby Is Sick

15 Poor Dog Was Sick With Parvo Which Is A Bad Disease

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The poor doggy was sick and he didn’t feel well at all. Shani took Dobby straight to the vet where she found out that he is suffering from parvo which is a life-threatening dog disease. What happened next will break your heart into a million pieces…

13. Things Are Not Looking Good

14 The Vet Told Shani That Dobbys Chances Of Making It Are Slim

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Sadly, the vet didn’t have any good news for the pooch. He said that Dobby’s chances of making it are very slim and this broke Shani’s heart. However, this isn’t the only thing that the vet told to the human mommy…

12. There’s Still A Chance

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5 Lucky Dog Imagine If He Kept Living On The Streets

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The vet said that there was still a chance for Dobby to survive, but he will need a lot of care and affection. So his human mommy had the best idea ever! What better way of cheering up the pup other than giving him the coolest present ever? As surprising as this might seem, this gift would soon change their lives forever.

You’ll never guess what that present was!

11. The Best Present Ever

12 Hearing This Shani Decided To Make Life Comfortable For Dobby And Gave Him A Toy

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Even though Shani was sad after hearing that there’s a slim chance for Dobby to make it, she decided to be positive and to provide the little doggy with all the care and affection that he needed. This is when she decided to give him a toy to keep him comfortable. But what the pup decided to do with the toy will leave you in awe…

10. Stuffed Pink Bunny

11 Stuffed Pink Bunny Ot Keep Dobby Comfort In His Hard Times

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The toy that Shanni bought for Dobby is a stuffed pink bunny. To Shanni’s surprise, the little doggy instantly fell in love with the toy and kept it at its side at all times. It almost seemed that the bunny had magical powers! Or at least that’s what the puppy thought because once his owner became sick he did the most unbelievable thing! 

9. A Big Surprise

7 Monday Came And Dobby Was Fine Shani Couldnt Be Happier

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Knowing that Dobby’s days were numbered, Shani and her husband made sure to feed him only delicious food. Even though the dog was feeling sick, at least Shani and her husband were taking good care of him. They had no idea that soon the pooch would surprise them in the most incredible way! You’re probably guessing that the bunny became his best friend… but read along to see what he does…

8. Love And Care

9 Love And Care Shani Quote

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We have to say that Shani is a special kind of person. There aren’t that many people who would dedicate their lives to helping animals in need and this shows us just how special the woman really is.

The tiny pooch became his baby boy, but Dobby had a kid of his own! So what happened when his human mummy got sick?

7. Dobby Makes It!!

13 After Many Tests Teh Vet Told Shani That If Dobby Makes It To Monday He Wil Lbe Okay

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Despite his small size, Dobby showed that he has a huge heart by making a full recovery! It turns out that the bunny really had special powers! But soon after this happened, Shani found herself in a similar situation. Happily, Dobby had a solution for her as well! We’re drowning in cuteness! Here’s what he did…

6. Shani Is Not Feeling Well

4 Incredible Story But Shani Started Feeling Sick

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As Dobby was making a full recovery, Shani started feeling sick. She contacted a cold and she needed to lay in bed until it went away. The pooch was always by her side trying to comfort her. But when nothing seemed to help, he did THIS…

5. Feeling Sick

3 Feeling Sick In Bed When This Amazing Thing Happened

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Shani took care of Dobby while he was sick and the little dog remembered that! You will be moved to tears to see what Dobby does in the next picture!

4. The Special Toy

2 Brought Toy Can You Believe This

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Dobby knew that the pink stuffed toy helped him get through hard times and she brought it to Shanni. Isn’t this incredible? The dog wanted to help his mommy because she also took care of him when he was sick… And that’s not all!

3. Happy Life

6 Shannis Others Dog Loved Behind Around Him And Everyone Was Happy

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Now that Dobby was feeling better, he was ready to live a happy life and play around the house with Shani’s other dogs who were adopted as well. Isn’t this amazing?

2. Dobby Is Lucky

17 Shani Knew That Dobby Would End Up In A Puppy Mill And She Wanted To Saveh Im

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Dobby was lucky to be adopted by such a loving and caring person like Shani. We can be sure that Dobby’s health wouldn’t have recovered if he kept living on the streets while being sick.

1. Incredible Story 

1 Remembered Magical Toy

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Who would’ve ever thought that a stay dog could bring so much happiness in a person’s life? Shani did an amazing thing by adopting and taking care of Dobby in his time of need and Dobby will forever be grateful for that.

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