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Abu Azrael – The Angel Of Death

What is the one thing ISIS fears the most? This guy. They call him Abu Azrael, which in Arabic translates to “Father Of The Angel Of Death”. Abu has been fighting in Iraq with the Iraq Army as part of one of the Iranian Shia Militias.

Abu Azrael  The Angel Of Death 253


Abu has become somewhat of a “Warrior Legend” over there, mainly because he likes to use Big Guns, Axes, and Swords.  It is also said they Abu enjoys killing bad guys just as much, if not more, than ISIS enjoys killing people for their “reasons”. Abu is pretty much the Chuck Norris of Iraq. But in real life. The Angel Of Death is also rumoured to get a lot of praise for “Abusing the corpses of ISIS Fighters”.

Abu Azrael  The Angel Of Death 252


Now, not much is known about this guy, or at least not much that we as Americans are privileged to know. Apparently he used to be a Teacher at some University, but gave that up to go make ISIS his B*tches. There are a ton of Youtube Videos of this guy, So I’m not going to post any. Stop being lazy and go have a look. There are also several Facebook Pages. This guy is a true Hometown Hero in his Country.

Abu Azrael  The Angel Of Death 256

Now all I’m saying is that this dude is a Badass. Period. I’ve been Downrange more than once. And honestly, most guys in the Iraq and Afghan Army really don’t come across as very intimidating. But I can’t say that about Abu. ANYONE who can run around Iraq, chopping ISIS to sh*t with Axes, and keeping ISIS awake at night is a Badass in my book. Now if there was just an entire Battalion of Abu’s over there ISIS would be done in about a week.

Abu Azael  The Angel Of Death 2 252

Abu Azael  The Angel Of Death 2 253

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