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This incredible story starts when a little otter pup nicknamed Marina fell into a sewer and got lost from her family. The poor otter was so scared that it couldn’t stop shaking. Fortunately, a man named Patrick Ng spotted her and decided to save its life.

20. Baby Otter

Otter pups are known to be sensible and they rely on their family to survive. Pups who get lost from their family usually don’t make it on their own and suffer a grim faith…

19. Little Marina

The little otter in this picture is called Marina and she was walking around the city sewer with her family looking to scavenge food and find water. This is when the pup slipped and fell into the sewer! The next picture is heartbreaking.

18. Marina Falls

As Marina was walking near the sewer pipe, the pup slipped and fell. To make things even worse, her family thought that she drowned and decided to leave. Luckily, someone saw what happened and wanted to help.

17. Marina’s Savior

A man named Patrick Ng saw what happened to poor Marina and he wanted to do something about it. Without giving it any second thought, the man rushed to the sewer pipe and picked Marina up. When he reached for the otter…

16. The Otterwatch Group

Patrick Ng took Marina to the Otterwatch Group which specializes in saving otters in need of help. Seeing how the little pup fell from a high distance, the volunteers sent Marina straight to the vet.

15. To The Doctor

Serena Oh is the name of the doctor who took the baby in for analyses and to her surprise, the little pup wasn’t injured. Let’s see what the doctor had to say about it. You won’t believe it!

14. The Otter Is Fine

Serena Oh says that Marina’s health is in perfect shape. The otter pup is scared because she doesn’t know where are her parents, but her health is okay and that’s what really matters. Once they left the vet’s office, something amazing happened!

13. Feeling Better

The doctor says that one of the most amazing things about the pup is how comfortable she is around humans. The doctor expected her to be scared and run around, but the exact opposite happened. When it was feeding time…

12. Feeding Marina

The otter was starving and the doctor didn’t waste any time and started feeding her. Seeing this, the otter felt even more comfortable around the doctor and she let her hold her head.

11. Temporary Stay

Now that Marina was feeling better, the volunteers were getting ready to release her back into the wild, to her family. The otter was never meant to live inside the rescue center, but releasing her was a risky move. Here’s why.

10. Ready To Leave

The Otterwatch Group volunteers were prepared to release the pup and the otter was getting pretty excited. She wanted to get back with her family, but who can blame her for that? You won’t believe what happens next!

9. Looking For The Right Spot

The volunteers needed to find the place where Marina’s family was living and they sent out spotters. Releasing the pup into the wild by itself would be a risky move and they didn’t want to do this. Instead, they did this amazing thing…

8. Setting Up Camp

The volunteers started setting up camps all over the place where they found Marina in hopes of spotting her family. The pup was placed in a special box which can be opened remotely, and the volunteers moved out of the spot. You will be shocked to see what happens afterward!

7. Curious Otters

It looks like the volunteers got lucky because a group of adult otters were running next to the first place they set up camp. Do you think they will give Marina a chance? 

6. Marina Is Scared

As the adult otters were getting closer, Marina was starting to get scared. The pup didn’t know what was going on and she had no idea how to react to the adult otters. This is when one of the volunteers decided to step in.

5. Releasing Marina

Marina wouldn’t come out of her box and a volunteer came in to help. The man pushed the box and the tiny otter jumped out. The next picture is breathtaking!

4. Marina Is Free

The volunteer took the box and run away. He didn’t want to discourage the adult otters from getting closer to Marina. This was an emotional moment because the volunteers weren’t sure if the adult otters would be interested in adopting Marina.

3. Emotion Moment

The adult otters got so curious that they can’t help themselves from wanting to see what Marina was doing all alone in the middle of the beach. The volunteers were taking pictures of every moment because they had no idea how Marina would react when the bigger otters were going to get close to her. Her reaction was priceless, see it for yourself in the following photo!

2. Saying Hi

One of the adult otters got closer to Marina as if to say hi! The volunteers were astonished, especially when they saw that Marina didn’t get scared and ran away.

1. Marina Is Accepted By The Group

After close inspection, the otters decided to adopt Marina as one of her own. Some of the volunteers were moved to tears by this moment and they knew they did the right thing by releasing Marina out in the wild.

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