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Having a dog around the house will brighten up the mood. However, this is not the only benefit of having a dog since these friendly animals can help anyone get over their troubles. Today we are going to show you an amazing story about how a dog that was abandoned on the streets helped an old man cope with his dementia.

20. Little Louis

20 Dog Named Louis Wasnt Always In Great Shape

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This cute dog is called Louis. However, he wasn’t always this clean and happy because life was tough on him. Keep reading to see how badly Louis looked before he was rescued from the streets.

19. Rescue Center

19 Luis Was Rbought To The Recsue Center In A Bad Shaep

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Louis was abandoned on the streets at a young age and life wasn’t that good to him. The poor dog had to scrap garbage for food and drink water out of puddles. Fortunately, a team of rescuers saw him and took him to the local rescue center. 

18. Louis Needs A Haircut

18 Seeing The Shape He Was In A Woman Named Mandy Decided To Foster Him

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As you can clearly see in this picture, Louis really needed a haircut. Luckily, the folks at the rescue center took good care of him. On the downside, the rescue center didn’t have any room left and Louis needed to find a home.

17. Mandy Comes To The Rescue

17 To Her Surprise The Woman Jumped On Her Father Who Had Mental Disabilities

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A woman named Mandy who volunteered at the center decided to foster Louis until she could find an adoptive home for him. To Mandy’s surprise, the little dog started playing around with her father. What happened next is amazing!

16. Her Dad Wasn’t Feeling Too Good

16 The Man Fell In Love With Luis

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The old man is named Joe and he suffers from dementia. Mandy says that her father is struggling with his condition, but for some reason, Louis managed to bring a smile to his face. You’ll never believe why…

15. Something Special

15 Something Special Between Them

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Mandy says that the friendship between her father and Louis is something truly special. The next picture will make you smile!

14. Joe Is Excited

14 The Old Man Gets Excited For Loius Something Rare

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One of the most amazing things about Joe and Louis is seeing how excited Joe gets whenever the dog comes to him. Mandy is always left in awe, especially since her father was usually sad. But when he met the pooch, everything changed in the most incredible way. Read along to see why!

13. A Friend

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13 Mental Problems Cause Him To Get Agitated But Luis Helps

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Sadly, the man was having trouble with his condition and nothing seemed to help. At times Joe even forgets where he is, but luckily, he now has Louis to remind him of everything. Here’s what the pup does whenever his human friend needs help…

12. Calming Joe Down

12 The Dog Loves Being The Cetner Of Attentio

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Louis realizes that Joe gets agitated from time to time and he cuddles in his lap. The dog calms Joe down and Mandy says that she never saw anyone be able to do that with his father. And that’s not all!

11. Life Is Getting Better

11 Sad Before He Met Joe

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Louis has a rough past and he wasn’t always the happy dog that you saw in the previous pictures. Mandy saved his life by fostering him and Louis will forever be grateful. But is the pooch happy with his new life? Well, if you’re wondering…

10. Louis Is Loved

10 Didnt Know What Being Loved Feels Like

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Louis didn’t know what feeling loved felt like before, and this is why he is always sitting by Joe’s side. The dog is grateful because Mandy takes care of him and the only thing he needs to do is to play around the house.

9. A Different Dog

9 A Different Dog

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We think it’s safe to say that Louis is now a completely different dog after being taken by Mandy and her father. Do you think Mandy decided to adopt Louis?

8. Adoptive Family

8 Mandy Adopted Louis

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This should come as no surprise, but Mandy decided to stop offering Louis a foster home and to adopt him instead! Louis is now a resident member of Mandy’s house and Joe couldn’t be more happy about it.

7. No Other Choice

7 Didnt Have A Choice Either Way

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Truth be told, Mandy didn’t really have a choice when it came to adopting Louis because her father wouldn’t be happy without the pup around. They play all day doing the cutest things like…

6. Belly Rubs

6 Belly Rrubs

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After years of living on the streets, Louis finally had someone to love him and give him all the belly rubs that he deserves. Isn’t this amazing?

5. Perfect Match

5 Match Made In Heaven

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Joe and Louis are a match made in heaven and it looks like faith was the one that brought them together. Do you think this is true?

4. Happy Family


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Who would’ve thought that a little dog like Louis could help an old man deal with his dementia? This shows us just how amazing dogs can be.

3. Lucky

3 Lucky To Find Each Toher

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Louis needed a home and a loving family while Joe needed a best friend. This leads me to believe that they both were lucky to find each other.

2. Cute Dog


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Even though Louis has a rough past, it looks like he forgot all about it. The dog is now happy and he makes Joe and Mandy’s lives better with his cuteness.

1.Incredible Story


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If there’s something we can take from this incredible story, then it must be the fact that we should all appreciate dogs for how amazing they are. Dogs give us unconditional love and we should treat them the same!

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