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32 Memes for Parents Just Trying to Hold It Together During Summer Break
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That can’t possibly be the time!

Meme Good MomThere you go.
Meme Hiding TargetHide, mothers, hide!
Meme Hot Dog RideYou gave up. 
Meme Ill AllowitThis can continue.
Meme Summer BbI’ve become a short-order cook but the orders aren’t short!
Meme Summer Break Day6Hang on.

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Meme Summer BrealVery.
Meme Summer PantsHah.
Meme Tag Youre ItMercy.
Meme Telling A StoryChild.
Meme Things SayJust give up.
Meme SanityWave bye to it.
Meme BeggingPoor parents.
Meme Sounds Of SummrTake a breathe and then break it up.
Meme Summer CampsHow!?
Meme Traveling KidsSerious questions.
Meme Song Lyric KidsNope.
Meme Summer OverNot fair!
Meme Summer GreatEw.
Meme Six HoursDamn.
Meme Wake UpTheir feet hit the floor and it’s like the beginning of Jurassic Park.
Meme Summer BreakWhat more do you want?
Meme ChuckeeAhah.
Meme MoanaCrank it.
Meme Kids Going BackOh they’re thrilled.
Meme Were RightHow could I have missed this?
Meme Mommy HatingByeeeee.
Meme Not Going To Happen Never!
Meme How DragonThe look says it all.
Meme Surrounded By ToysMoms during break.
Meme WhatI give up.

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