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22 New Pages to Add to Your Bullet Journal
Great way to count your savings to a big trip.
Make a bucket list of countries to travel to.Make a simple habit tracker that fits all habits on one page.
Use sticky notes to easily do your meal planning arrangements.
A unicorn mood tracker is so magical.
Track your days spent NOT doing a bad habit.Get your playlist of your favorite ‘cheer up’ songs together.

Construct your summer bucket list.

Track aunt flow.

Keep an eye on your passwords.
Make the month’s goals into a Pac-Man.

Start your meal planning with a cute drawing.

Make sure you never miss a birthday.
Track your pen strokes.
Start a TBR list.
Create a 5 minute reflection page.
Outline your essays or assignments — perfect for students.
Don’t miss an episode of your shows!
Keep an eye on the last time you….
Create a list of the songs you love or just discovered.
Get a capsule wardrobe together.
Start your travel diary.
src=”” alt=”” width=”564″ height=”564″ />Track monthly subscription boxes and programs.