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22 New Pages to Add to Your Bullet JournalDiy Budget TrackerGreat way to count your savings to a big trip.
Diy Countries TravelMake a bucket list of countries to travel to.Diy Habit TrackerMake a simple habit tracker that fits all habits on one page.Diy Meal PlanningUse sticky notes to easily do your meal planning arrangements.Diy Mood UnicornA unicorn mood tracker is so magical.Diy No SmokingTrack your days spent NOT doing a bad habit.Diy Playlists MotivationalGet your playlist of your favorite ‘cheer up’ songs together.

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Diy Summer Bucket List

Construct your summer bucket list.

Diy Tracker FlowTrack aunt flow.Diy Social PasswordsKeep an eye on your passwords.Diy Month Page GoalsMake the month’s goals into a Pac-Man.Diy Meal Planner Weekly

Start your meal planning with a cute drawing.Diy Birthday PagesMake sure you never miss a birthday.Diy Pen TestTrack your pen strokes.Diy Books To ReadStart a TBR list.
Diy 5 Minute EmotionalCreate a 5 minute reflection page.Diy Essay PlanOutline your essays or assignments — perfect for students.Diy Tv StackedDon’t miss an episode of your shows!
Diy When Did I LastKeep an eye on the last time you….Diy Song Of The DayCreate a list of the songs you love or just discovered.Diy Capsule WarddrobeGet a capsule wardrobe together.Diy Travel DiaryStart your travel diary.src=”” alt=”” width=”564″ height=”564″ />Track monthly subscription boxes and programs.

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