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An act of kindness from the manager of a Tesco supermarket went viral on the internet. The manager understood how much a 10-year old boy with Down’s syndrome loved the supermarket, so he let the boy scan his own groceries. 

10. Adorable 10-Year Old  


Image: facebook/david burke jr.

Jay Burke is a 10-year-old who has Down syndrome. Jay’s favorite place to visit is the supermarket. He enjoys interacting with the other customers and hanging out at the checkout counter. Jay loves the sounds, buttons and lights of the cash register.  

9. Enjoying the Supermarket 


Image: facebook/david burke jr.

Jay sometimes gets a little too wound up for his father David’s liking. “If you have a child with a learning challenge or a challenging behavior then you know just how traumatic it can sometimes be when out in a place like a busy supermarket,” he told a newspaper. 

8. Judgmental Parents 

Tesco 3

Image: facebook/david burke jr.

David told the Daily Mail that sometimes he feels other parents judge his son and his own parenting skills. They don’t always realize his son has Down’s and people are impatient. “Shopping with a child with special needs can be really difficult,” he said. 

7. A Sticky Situation 

Tesco 4 Excite Uk

Image: excite uk

A few weeks ago, Jay and David were at Tesco when Jay decided he didn’t want to leave a closed check-out lane. He wasn’t upset, instead he was having fun pretending to be a cashier. David felt he had to at least try to get Jay to leave the store, but after several requests, Jay became agitated.  

6. Getting Worried 

Boy With Downs Syndrome Invited To Scan At Supermarket 0 7 Screenshot

Image: youtube

“I was trying to get him out from behind the till, but Jay decided he wanted to work at Tesco that day,” David said later. He could feel himself getting upset, feeling like other patrons were staring at him. Then he saw the store manager, James, approaching him. David figured he would ask them to leave the store. 

5. Opening the Aisle 

Boy With Downs Syndrome Invited To Scan At Supermarket 0 14 Screenshot

Image: youtube

However, James was not there to ask the family to leave. Instead, he had noticed how excited Jay was about being in the check-out lane. He decided to open the aisle and let Jay have the opportunity to check the groceries out.  

4. Scanning the Items 

Boy With Downs Syndrome Invited To Scan At Supermarket 0 31 Screenshot

Image: youtube

This was no game of pretend; Jay really scanned his family’s products. Jay loved every minute of his time at the cash register. He loved watching the items roll down the conveyor belt. David was overcome with how kind the staff was to his son. 

3. “Thrilled to Bits” 

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Boy With Downs Syndrome Invited To Scan At Supermarket 0 35 Screenshot

Image: youtube

“A massive well done to the staff,” David said. “Jay was thrilled to bits. He felt like a worker and it just warmed my heart to see how focused he was and how much he was enjoying himself.” 

2. A Kind Soul 

Boy With Downs Syndrome Invited To Scan At Supermarket 0 44 Screenshot

Image: youtube

James was such a kind soul to have looked at the situation and saw a boy who needed to have fun, rather than a problem to remove. David says this is not out of the ordinary for the Tesco in Great Horton. “Everyone there always makes a huge effort into making shopping that bit easier for us.” 

1. Christmas Spirit 

Tesco 1

Image: youtube

David pulled out his phone and took video of this day and event. James’ compassionate meant so much to him, he wanted everyone to know about it. He uploaded it to YouTube, where it was viewed over 21,000 times. That should get everyone in the Christmas spirit. 

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