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Tactical BBQ Chef Apron So You Can BBQ Like a Boss

If you’re looking for a way to impress all of your tacticool friends this just might be the ticket. Meet the Tactical BBQ Chef Apron by ThinkGeek. The tactical bbq apron is made out of 100% cotton with a real MOLLE system and plenty of pockets to hold everything you’re going to need to destroy some bbq this summer. After you get this tactical bbq chef apron, wear it when you’re making the bacon bomb

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Tactical BBQ Chef Apron

“A seasoned outdoor chef attempts to prepare for all external variables. But it’s an impossible feat. The prep tray overflows with spatulas, BBQ forks, tongs, brushes, thermometers, spices, plates, and of course, beer. A chef’s space is an overcrowded one, to say the least, but every tool is essential to the mission. They were dark times; summer afternoons littered with burnt meats and overly charred vegetables. Standing at a grill fixated on cooking — on creating! — was an impossible task. You had to depend on the kindness of friends and family to run and retrieve things you had forgotten in the kitchen. A quick grab for the tongs could mean spilling your beer. The spice was flowing… on the ground when you dropped it. That was, until the Tactical Apron was born. Emblazoned with the title CHEF and equipped with a MOLLE system, you’ll feel like a true Grill Sergeant.” 

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“-Real MOLLE system for holding everything a Grill Master needs
-2 large pouches and 3 smaller pouches
-Front and back removable Velcro patch
-Perfect for storing condiments, grilling utensils, salt / pepper… and your phone
-Adjustable side strap for the perfect fit
-Materials: 100% Cotton
-Care: Machine wash cold with like colors, hang to dry
-Note: Just in case you haven’t had your coffee yet, we should remind you that the Tactical Apron is not intended for use in combat against anything other than a grill or smoker. It will not prevent injury from shrapnel, bullets, Pokemon, or other projectiles.” 

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