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Wear a Mask Song Parody Goes Viral With COVID

Noah Linquist, a Kansas Native, was watching beauty and the beast on Disney+ one day in October amidst the rising COVID cases and inspiration suddenly struck him. He would write a “wear a mask” song to promote, well, wearing a mask, and recast the song into this ultimate wear a mask song parody of Beauty and the Beast.

The full lyrics to Noah’s wear a mask song is below:

Wear a mask, Wear a mask.

Is it really much to ask?

Tie some fabric ’round your face.

Oh, it’s the simplest of tasks!

At the gym, at the store….

Don’t treat it like such a chore!

Know these mandates, aren’t malicious.

All your theories are fictitious!

Stop the lies, stop the fights,

No one’s taking away your rights,

All this speculation makes me need a flask.

Come on and read some data,

all you mask debaters,

wear a mask.

Wear a mask!

Wear a mask!


It’s a mask, it’s a mask!

Heaven’s sake it’s just a mask.

Such a shame that asking folks to follow rules

gets you harassed,

You can shout, you can glare,

but listen Karen, I don’t care!

Never seen folks so dramatic,

over a f**king piece of fabric!

“Hard to breathe!”

“Feels too hot!”

Quit your ****

There’s a thought!

Suck it up, and don’t give me any sass!

We’ve got a lot to do…

And it’s not “just the flu”,

so wear a mask!

Wear a mask!


Wear a mask, wear a mask, get your head out of your a**!

Try to think of someone other than yourself,

it’s all we ask!

While you sit, watching FOX, ignoring science and the docs,

wow, your ignorance is showing while the death toll keeps on growing…


Case by case, test by test, don’t forget, you’re not oppressed!

Til we put this da*n pandemic in the past,

try not to be so grouchy, have some faith in Fauci!

Wear a mask, wear a mask, 

wash your hands,






Lyrics of wear a mask song parody by Noah Lindquist.

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