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Apple’s New M1 Chip Product Line will Let You Work to the Limit

Apple continues to develop breakthrough technology, and in November 2020, they unveiled their “next generation of Mac” with the M1 chip. The M1 is the first in an upcoming family of chips designed by Apple specifically for the Mac. It was designed to work with the latest and most advanced operating system, the Mac OS Big Sur. It’s a gamechanger and things won’t be the same now that the M1 has been introduced.

Before its introduction, a Mac required multiple chips to deliver its great performance, but now with the M1, all of that power is in one single chip. It’s truly the meaning of good things come in small packages, as it’s incredibly small but has 16 billion transistors. The M1 is also the first personal computer chip built with 5-nanometer process technology.

Overall, the M1 delivers up to 3.9 times faster video processing and 7.1 times the image processing, and matches the performance of a PC chip but uses a quarter of the battery. Both the MacBook Air and Pro 13-inch models have up to 16 GB of unified memory, while the Pro 16-inch features up to 64 GB of memory, so don’t worry about running out of memory for all of your tasks.

M1 Chip Product Line

The new line of apple m1 chip models

Apple has stepped up its security with the M1, and it features hardware-verified secure boot and automatic high-performance encryption for all of your files. The security protections are built deep into the code architecture of the M1, so you don’t have to worry about your files. All three new MacBook models come with Touch ID, with the Pros also featuring TouchBar.

If all that wasn’t enough, the M1 will run with the largest collection of apps ever. These apps include Apple apps like Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie. You can also run your iPhone and iPad apps for the first time on Big Sur. They’ll look and behave like Mac apps though, sized appropriately, and offering mouse and trackpad support. You just need to download your previously-purchased apps from your purchased items list, and get started.

Want to know more about the M1 models? Here’s a look at how the Apple M1 chip performs in each new Mac model: the MacBook Air, the Mac Mini, and the MacBook Pro.

The M1 in the MacBook Air

M1 Chip Macbook Pro Specs

Specs for the m1 chip and the macbook pro

The MacBook Air is already an incredible machine, but the M1-powered Air is a step above. Still a 13-inch notebook, the MacBook Air offers an 8-core CPU that’s 3.5 times faster than the previous models, so you can open multiple windows, stream, edit photos, and explore the web all at once without lag. The 8-core GPU offers graphics up to 5 times giving you lighting fast gaming even with the most graphic-heavy games.

There’s also 2 times the SSD performance thanks to the storage controller of the M1 and flash technology. And perhaps the most impressive of all, the M1 is faster than every chip in 98% of the PC laptops sold in 2019. Of course, all of this fast tech is nothing without a solid battery, and the MacBook Air with M1 delivers there too: 15 hours of wireless browsing and up to 18 hours for video playback, making it the longest battery life to date on a MacBook Air. You can enjoy up to 16 GB of unified memory so no worries about running out of memory to do all of your tasks.

Mac Mini and the M1 Chip

The Mac Mini is a great machine, but it’s not received a reworking in quite some time. That changed with the introduction of the Mac Mini powered by the M1. Still a sleek compact design, the Mac Mini also has 3 times faster performance than other Mac Minis thanks to its 8-core CPU.

Like the MacBook Air, the GPU has received a boost as well, with 6 times the increase in graphic performance, making it excellent for rendering videos and other complicated graphic tasks. The ML (Machine Learning) is jaw dropping 15 times faster than the previous models, but comes in at 1/10 the size of Windows desktops. It’s an ideal choice for any multimedia workstation.

MacBook Pro’s M1 Performance

One of the most beloved MacBook models, the Pro, hasn’t been left out from the impact of the M1 revolution. Here is where the M1’s performance takes a powerful machine and makes it even more dynamic. The 8-core CPU is 2.8 times faster than previous MacBook Pro models, and is able to handle any task from coding to opening 15 different documents at once. It’s no wonder the MacBook Pro is a favorite for students, writers, and creators, and this new generation will have you wanting to replace your older MacBook Pro for sure.

You’ll get a GPU that’s 5 times faster, perfect for complex video games, 3D modeling and more. The stats continue to impress, with the MacBook Pro up to 3 times faster than bestselling Windows laptops, but that’s not the best feature: you’ll get up to 17 hours of wireless browsing and up to 20 hours of video playback with the new battery, once again delivering the best battery life yet on a Mac.

The MacBook Pro also has a few new features, including studio-quality mics for calls and podcasts and two Thunderbolt ports with USB 4 support giving you more connectivity than ever before. It also weighs just 3 pounds despite all of this power.

You can find all of the new Mac models on Amazon, but like any other Apple product, they’re likely going fast!

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