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With All-Weather Pens You’ll Love to Write 365 Days a Year

Some outdoors people like to take notes or draw sketches of their exploits, and while I’m not an outdoors person, I can certainly see the appeal of having a record. The problem is when you’re outside is your pen may not always work, especially if it’s a generic stick pen or even a nice felt pen.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Trekker Pen – Black Ink was developed for just such an occasion. Rite in the Rain is a popular all-weather pen and stationery brand with pens, notebooks and even pencils. It’s a great gift for anyone who does notes or sketches out in the field or in inclement weather.

Rite Allweather Pen On Wooden Table

So what does the pen do? Simply put, it writes. But it writes through water, grease and mud without clumping or smearing. So you can see the value of that, because while other pens can write in these conditions, you often get smearing, which renders the notes or sketches useless. The secret is the Rite in the Rain proprietary ink, which conveniently comes in refill cartridges. The pen has been designed with tiny pockets in the ink so as to let the ink go out without letting air or water back into your cartridge.

While the pen discussed here is a cap style, Rite in the Rain also features clicker pens, so you can find your best option for your writing style. The Trekker pen has a nice sturdy feel in your hands with rubber grips and an attached ring to clip it to your bag, keys or a lanyard. Measuring 4’’, it’s a pen that goes the distance, and unlike other pens, it won’t leak or “blow up” or evaporate when you store it.

Rite Allweather Pen With Handy Loop

Check out the specs of the Trekker pen:

  • All-Weather Pen complete with pressurized cartridge that writes in temps from -30F to 250F
  • Writes underwater up to 35 feet
  • Writes on wet paper

The Trekker All-Weather Pen retails for $27.89 on Amazon and is great for the other Rite in the Rain notebooks. For a refill, you’re looking at less than $9.00, and there’s black, blue and red refills available. Now if you want to stay within $30.00 for an All-Weather pen, the Rite in the Rain clicker pens retail for around $15 for the Durable Clicker Pen. Another slick pen that’s perfectly for a manly guy is the Rite in the Rain .375 Mag Brass Bullet Pen, Black Ink (No. 86), which features a brass metal barrel constructed from a 4″ long .375 MAG bullet casing.

Man Using Rite Allweather Pen

There’s an entire line of Rite in the Rain products to explore, including additional pens, pencils, notebooks, recipe cards, and much more. On the Rite in the Rain website, you’ll find hardcover books, softcover books, and others with sewn-in pages to withstand constant handling, storage and use. Rite in the Rain also just introduced a durable calendar that they say will hold up on rainstorms, an accidental laundry cycle and other soggy adventures. The planner features a weekly spread, a two-year look ahead, monthly edge tabs and monthly spreads.

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