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Originally posted on January 11, 2018 @ 12:49 pm

13 Indoor Snow Day Activities Your Kids Will Love

Have indoor sculpting fun on a snow day with DIY Moon Sand.

Set up a laundry basket skee ball set.

Or make an epic marble run – see which marble goes into the cup first

Create the fort to end forts — fun indoor snow day activity for kids of all ages!

Bring the outdoors fun indoors with an  inside camp out

Bored? Make an activity cube and turn it into a game!

Create “snow” and enjoy some indoor snow day activities without getting cold!

Have a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt.

Create an obstacle course with a DIY paper maze in a hall or foyer

Creating an easy DIY air dry clay is a great indoor snow day idea to occupy your kids.

Create a unique piece of art you’ll love with your toddler.

Turn pipe cleaners into adorable animal friends to enjoy indoors on a snow day.

Cutting a variety of fun snowflake shapes is a great activity to bring the beauty of snow flakes indoors.

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