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17 Funny Oscar Memes 2021 Because It’s That Kinda Year

It’s the day after Oscar Night! And boy were there surprises. But this being 2021, nothing surprises anyone anymore. Except maybe Jason Derulo falling down the stairs…. If you missed out on the Oscars, catch up with your friend’s banter and check out these these funny oscar memes!

Funny Oscar Memes - Best For Last

Saving the best for last.

Funny Oscar Meme - Sir

Sir Anthony…

Funny Oscar 2021 Memes - Take A Nap

Just gonna take a little nap here…

Funny Oscar 2021 Meme - Not Going To End Well

This is not going to end well.

Funny 2021 Oscar Memes - No Show

And he was a no show!

Funny 2021 Oscar Meme - Or On The Millenium Falcon

It’s cos he’d rather be in space!

Funny Oscar Memes - Solidarity


Funny Oscar Meme - Brad

Hi Brad.

Funny 2021 Oscar Memes - Hair

Does she even know what her hair looks like?

Funny Oscar Meme - Centurion

Move over… centurion on the American Express card…

Funny Oscar Memes 2021 - Time For Summer

Time for summer

2021 Oscar Memes Funny - Baby Got Back

Baby got back…

2021 Oscar Meme Funny - Possibilities

Oh the possibilities…

Oscar Memes Funny 2021 - Awkward


Oscar Memes Funny 2021 - Barry White

Cue some Barry White…

Oscar 2021 Memes Funny- Awkward

Did he just say that?

Oscar 2021 Funny Meme - Wrap

And that’s a wrap!

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