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Originally posted on April 19, 2018 @ 10:33 am

19 Great DIY Monogram Projects and Crafts

Get patriotic with a monogrammed DIY stick flag

Accent your kitchen with a new monogram cutting board

Add a lovely floral accent to your door or interior with this monogram floral arrangement

It’s a touch of elegance when you add this monogram candle holder to your home

Or what about a monogrammed soap dispenser?

Chuck Taylors get a sleek new look when you add a custom monogram

Keep your rings handy or make a great gift with this monogrammed ring dish

Use some dollar store gems and an old window to make this great monogrammed art piece

This DIY floral monogram is actually blooming

What about a moss monogram piece?

DIY decorative glass blocks with a monogram are a neat addition to your mantle

Monogrammed wine glasses are perfect for a girl’s night in!

Or how about a monogrammed beer glass?

This monogram mirror project is inexpensive

Label anything you want with DIY label stickers with your monogram

Customize these plates to have a DIY monogrammed plate

Use some washi tape to make a DIY monogram canvas

Tote bags and T-shirts with your own DIY Monogram!

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