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19 Ridiculous and Funny Amazon Reviews for Reading As You Add to Cart

Funny Amazon Reviews  No Wolves In Wolf Of Wall Street

Not one wolf! 

Funny Amazon Reviews  Black Light Review That Illuminates

One of the most informative and funny Amazon reviews. 

Funny Amazon Review  Nike Is Life

Those are some expensive shoes!

Funny Amazon Reviews  Indiana Jones Beach Ball

This must have been like the scene from Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. Hands down, one of the best funny Amazon reviews of all times.

Indiana Jones Christmas Boulder

Um…. makes you wonder what the authors of these funny amazon reviews were smoking?

Funny Amazon Review  Dinosaur

Okay, but does he come with the sweater?

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Amazon Review  Neopet

At least you have a cuddly dinosaur.

Amazon Reviews  Kettle

…Who buys a kettle for decoration?

Funny Amazon Review  Cheap Minions

This looks like a cheap copy of The Minions.

Funny Amazon Review  Parenting

Funny Amazon reviews that are better than the product!

Funny Amazon Review  Creepy Zombie Gnome

The plague is on your lawn.

Funny Amazon Review  Textbook

One of the most original funny amazon reviews out there..

Funny Amazon Review  Gummy Candy

This is the most important funny Amazon review of all time. Be careful with sugar-free candy!

Funny Amazon Review  Uranium Ore On Amazon?

Dang. Maybe Doc Brown can get you something.

Funny Amazon Review  Facemark

Bro, get it!

Funny Amazon Review  Pride &Amp; Prejudice

Just ladies talking and stuff.

Funny Amazon Review  Cat Hair

Ahah, now that is a way to get people away from you. 

Funny Amazon Review  Titanic

This person is a scholar. The ultimate Titanic critic.

Funny Amazon Review  Coat Rack

Good coat rack, but marital discord still exists.

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