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24 Christmas Fails Because Tis the Season for Spotting Fails

Christmas Fails - This Santa Is Not G Rated From The Back

Oh that Santa’s so cute…oh..what an unfortunate design and Christmas fail. 

Christmas Fails - Mall Santa Horror Show

So this tops the list of Christmas fails for parenting. 

Christmas Fails - Present Wrapping Fail

You tried. 

Christmas Fails - Crabs For Christmas

Um.. did we think this through? Or was this one of those deliberate Christmas fails?

Christmas Fails - Snowman Falls Off Stage

Have a holly jollyyy…nooooo.

Christmas Fails - Mistletoe? Or Something R Rated

Things are very merry and very bright in this Christmas fail. 

Christmas Fails - All Was Peaceful On The Security Camera

Yeah, that’s not very effective.

Christmas Fails - Krampus Love

The child is like, oh, neat. Acting like they’re at Disneyland or something. Funny Christmas fail!

Christmas Fails - Santa Car Accident

Santa down, I repeat, Santa down.

Christmas Fails - Santa R Rated On The Inside?!?

The chocolate factory really made a Christmas fail en masse. 

Christmas Fails - Christmas Turd Emoji

That doesn’t look as majestic as you thought it was going to.

Christmas Fails - Halloween Elf On The Shelf?

Yeah, see, Elf on the Shelf is evil.

Christmas Fails - Santa Is Coming In Hot

Walking in an ashy wasteland..

Christmas Fails - Still In Underwear
Christmas Fails - Good Thing Wearing Underwear Christmas Morning

Hey, did you check your reflection before you upload this?

Well-played grandma!

Christmas Fail - Santa Suicide

Um, um. Nobody workshopped this choice? Major Christmas fail.

Christmas Dinner Fails - Christmas Place Setting Fail

Grandma’s got a flair for a Christmas fail motif

Christmas Fail - Unfortunate Candle Placement

When people saw this, it wasn’t a silent night at all.

Christmas Fails - Flickering Lights

Hey, should we check the type kerning? Don’t want a Christmas fail, you know. Nah, it will be fine.

Funny Christmas Fail - Cat Tooth Pick

Cats are going to cat.

Christmas Fail - Breakfast With Santa?

Some bored person made a great Christmas fail out of this sign.

Christmas Fail - Christmas Card Fail

Cat is going to be all sweet and just bat at the ornaments for the perfect Christmas card fail photo…

Actually this is a great idea for someone with limited mobility or anyone at all. Not a Christmas fail! 

Christmas Fails - That's Some Christmas Meat

That is quite a shape.

Funny Christmas Fail - Dog Wants Santa Suit Off

Take it off, take it off!

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What are these lights, get them off me!?!

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