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TFB Short Clips

19 Ridiculously Photogenic Cats Exploring the Great Outdoors

Photogenic Cats  In The Mountains

Surveying his land.

Photogenic Cat  In The Fields

Is he a star? Yes.

Photogenic Cat  Kayaking

He has bigger adventures than me and has traveled internationally.

Photogenic Cats  Surfer Cat

Wet fur, can’t care.

Photogenic Cats  Rock Climbing Cat

Majestic feline climbs.

Photogenic Cats  Exploring The Great Outdoors

Cold never bothered him anyway.

Photogenic Cats  Exploring Winter

These eyes.

Photogenic Cats  Snow.

Is this a modeling session?

Photogenic Cats  Facing The Wind

Grouchy but gutsy.

Photogenic Cats  Exploring The Forest

The poise and style this cat has..

Photogenic Cats  Lakefront Cat

Tortie vs the wild.

Photogenic Cats  Forest Cat

Reaching new heights.

Photogenic Cats  High Altitude Desserts

No telling where he’ll go next.

Photogenic Cats  Swamp Explorer

Exploring all that nature has to offer.

Photogenic Cats  Alpine Lake Explorer

Show me a mad bad-ass cat.

Photogenic Cats  Exploring The High Plateaus

We are all mere peasants next to this cat.

Photogenic Cats  Rainforest Explorers

Getting the little human to help out.

Photogenic Cats  Roam The Great Outdoors

Have van, will travel.

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