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TFB Short Clips

20 Bullet Journal for Tracking Goals

Lay out your goals for the year with boxes for each.
Break them down in categories.
Make a mini goal list for each month’s page.
Keep it minimal.
Go rainbow themed and divide them up.
Make goal for a season.
Keep track of things you do and try.
Find the goals that would give you a “level 10 life.”
Take your goal list then make actionable step lists.
Set 1,001 goals for 101 days.
Think of ways to nurture friendships, etc through your goals.
Set up more mini goals and track. 
Make a list of 18 goals before 2018.
Set up a large goal tracker with steps all the way.
Divide your goals up into a few core ones.
Turn goals into a brainstorming.
Pick a list of goals then try to do some every day.
Set your yearly goals up right.
Embrace monthly goals each month.

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