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25 Funny Tattoos and Fails

Funny WheezyFunny tattoo for someone with asthma.
Funny Waldo Ear Found Waldo.
Funny Tattoo Head I have so many questions.
Funny SkittlesAgain… questions.
Funny Six Pack Well, it’s a 6-pack.
Funny PopeyeOkay, weird and amazing.
Funny One Foot GraveThey have a great sense of humor.

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Funny Omgoat Oh my Goat!
Funny Morbid Morbid.
Funny MonkeyI…no.
Funny Lionel Hello No Lionel.
Funny Instructions But why?
Funny Gone To MarketClever.
Funny Food Tattooos Missing a few food logos.
Funny Cheshire Cat 1Amazing.
Funny Inpants But if you have to say it….
Funny Flying EffsThere they go.
Funny Nipple So….what’s the story there?
Funny Thong Nope!
Funny GiraffeI guess that keeps you busy.
Funny Fett Soldier Intricate and insane.
Funny Cat Tattooo The cat is giving up.
Funny Beer Goes Here Will you still want this years later?
Funny BananaWhy?

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