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20 Fast Food Worker Secrets That Will Make You Rethink the Drive-Thru
Fast Fired

But were they good?

Fast Hit

Making them violent.

Fast Debit

Now serving stalking.

Fast Fast Kids

Probably yes.

Fast Freezer Bread

That’s an image.

Fast Real Cheese


Fast Shakes Bk

Sounds awful.

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Fast 90 Ice

Be nice to workers

Fast Mcdonalds Loving

They were McLoving too much.

Fast Count Nuggets

Give the extra nuggets. Always.

Fast Secretly

Fast food workers put up with a lot.

Fast Gross Chicken


Fast Draw A

A bit of creative flair.

Fast Name Karen


Fast Pile Into Cars

Who has a $50 fast food order?!

Fast Tell Cashier

Who would say that? Just get your food and go.

Fast Dont Throw

Mm stale.

Fast Wendy Tell

Well now you’ll worry.

Fast Frozen Fresh

But what is it though?

Fast 7 Pieces

That’s way too much dunking.

Fast Dropped Muffins

Free dirt.

Fast Gravy

Now you will sideeye the gravy.

Fast Hit

Driving them to assault.

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