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20 Funny Big Cats Who Love Cardboard Boxes Too

Big Cats18

Not really how to use a box, but whatever goes!

Big Cats 17

Oh, he’s just going to bite this.

Big Cats 16

It’s HIS.

Big Cats 15

This box isn’t big enough for the two of them.

Big Cat 13

Clearly content.

Big Cats 14

Boxes, but make it fashion.

Big Cat 1

If it fits, I sits.

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Big Cats 20

There’s going to be a rumble.

Big Cat 2

Truly having a great time!

Big Cat 3

Climbing in the box..

Big Cat 4

Loving the box.

Big Cat 5

No matter that size the box, cats love it.

Big Cat 6

Two taking out the box.

Big Cat 7

Need a bigger box.

Big Cat 8

Sizing up his prey.

Big Cat 9

Ready for battle.

Big Cat 10

Shredding it!

Big Cat 11

Styling in cardboard.

Big Cat 12

Need another box.

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