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35 Funny Pictures of Cats Stuck in Places They Shouldn’t Be

All cat lovers know that cats are like liquids that can fill a container that they are put into. Check out these funny pictures of cats stuck in places they shouldn’t be!

Couch ate me.

See? Liquid.

Chair swallowed me.

Just hanging around.

I’m calling it fashion.

I’m helping!

Gotta get the last crumbs.

Welcome to my blinds.

Going to scale this.

I have mistake.

Tight but content.

Traffic jam.


Gotta watch what they put in that water.

He was on sale.

Good name for him.

Leave me alone.

I are fish.

Better than potato chips, trust me!

Can’t have just one.

Wanted a little snack.

Just hanging around, mom!

Diet cat.

Kitty in corner pocket!

Sorry, no more cheeseballs, only cats.

A new meaning to the word kitty-corner.

Cat logic.

Just snuggling.

Looks like an existential crisis.

Your cuteness is bowling me over.

Cat practicing his circus act.

Slinky rolls down stairs and gets stuck on the cat.

Something happened. Where are the instructions?

Liquid cat.

Hello, human, I seem to be stuck.

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