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20 Funny Quotes for Anyone Who Needs a Bit of Sass…and a Drink

Quote Paying Bills

Life hack.

Quote Imagination

He’s got the answers.

Quote Sesame Street

It didn’t.

Quote Pants On


Quote Good Stuff

It’s for special occasions.

Quote Curvy


Quote Bend Spoon

What a power I wield.

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Quote Silly Rabbit

Admit it, you would too.

Quote Delighted Humanity

We did it!

Quote Calling It Insta

Moms are clever.

Quote Do Squats

Another life hack.

Quote Bored Egg

How bored were they?

Quote People Yelp


Quote Every Day


Quote Monday

The truth.

Quote Not Lazy

The difference.

Quote Suffering

Sounds serious.

Quote Off Dollar Menu

Delicious happiness.

Quote One Extra Sauce

Just one sweet n’ sour!

Quote Taco Is Cool

I mean…tacos.

Quote More Feelings

No cries, just fries.

Quote We Can Moon

Let’s find the science.

Quote Taking Quizzes


Quote One Fact

Thanks high school!

Quote Look Like Doing

See? Busy.

Quote Karma Deadline

A nice thought.

Quote Bible Say

So there you go.

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