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20 Hilarious and Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

Quote Wife Got Free Range Thanksgiving

Pretty pricy.

Quote Like Football Thanksgiving

That old standby.

Quote Mother Lousy Cook Thanksgiving


Quote Flipped The Bird

That’s what it said to do!

Quote I Love Thanksgiving

Oh yeah…

Quote Thanksgiving In Laws


Quote Count Blessings

There they go.

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Quote Thanksgiving Is Overeat

Eat and eat.

Quote If You Stand

Figure it out.

Quote Personally Love Thanksgiving

All the things.

Quote Thanksgiving Emotional Time

A wakeup call.

Quote Thanksgiving Pants

A bad choice.

Quote Im Looking Forward Pie

So much.

Quote Have It Together

We do.

Quote After Good Dinner

Yes, even them.

Quote Gather Round Thanksgiving


Quote Cute How Thanksgiving

I have to get cranberry sauce and stuffing and…rolls…and…

Quote What Are You Going To Make

A thing occurring across the country.

Quote Cooking Tip

Or do what you want!

Quote Watching Home Alone

That kid.

Quote Wife Got Free Range Thanksgiving


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