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20 Smiling Dog Photos That Show Their Real Personality

Smiling Dog Bulldog

This bulldog is very happy with life.

Smiling Dog  Golden Retriever Puppy

Smiling dog photo meets dog blep photo!

Smiling Dog  Bassett Hound

This basset hound is going to give Dumbo a run for his money.

Smiling Dog Squinting Into Sun

Lovable Shih Tzu that just loves the lime light.

Smiling Dog  Goofy Smile

This smiling dog has probably been off his medicine a bit too long!

Smiling Dog  German Shepard

This smile reminds me of my favorite grand aunt. For some reason, all grand aunts seem to smile like this don’t they?

Smiling Dog  I Am So Happy

Talk about being satisfied with life.

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Smiling Dog  Look Into The Camera

Looking into the camera like it’s your first time!

Smiling Dog  I Need Braces

This dog could use a good dog dentist!

Smiling Dog  Like Owner Like Dog Smile

Some say that owners and their dogs start looking more and more alike. I think they’re right!

Smiling Dog  My Ears Are So Floppy

This dog is so happy he discovered his ears are floppy and not pointy!

Smiling Dog  Guilty Smile

Smiling dog photo fit for a mugshot. Definitely guilty.

Smiling Dog  Awkward Bulldog Smile

This is the OPPOSITE of crossed eyed!

Smiling Dog  Pitbull Smug Smile

If you’ve ever seen a smug dog…

Smiling Dog  I Will End You Smile

While outwardly it may look like a smile, this dog is thinking about ending your life.

Smiling Dog  German Shepherd Saying Cheese To Camera

A proud toothy smile for the camera!

Smiling Dog  Cheesy Grin

That moment when you just got a compliment and not sure what to say…

Smiling Dog  Mid Shake Smile

When you’re happy and you know it shake your head!

Smiling Dog  Awkward Toothy Smile

Just learning how to smile for the camera.

Smiling Dog  Husky Smiling For Selfie With Owner Awkwardly

Oh please! Not another selfie!

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