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20 Smiling Dog Photos That Show Their Real Personality

Smiling Dog Bulldog

This bulldog is very happy with life.

Smiling Dog - Golden Retriever Puppy

Smiling dog photo meets dog blep photo!

Smiling Dog - Bassett Hound

This basset hound is going to give Dumbo a run for his money.

Smiling Dog Squinting Into Sun

Lovable Shih Tzu that just loves the lime light.

Smiling Dog - Goofy Smile

This smiling dog has probably been off his medicine a bit too long!

Smiling Dog - German Shepard

This smile reminds me of my favorite grand aunt. For some reason, all grand aunts seem to smile like this don’t they?

Smiling Dog - I Am So Happy

Talk about being satisfied with life.

Smiling Dog - Look Into The Camera

Looking into the camera like it’s your first time!

Smiling Dog - I Need Braces

This dog could use a good dog dentist!

Smiling Dog - Like Owner Like Dog Smile

Some say that owners and their dogs start looking more and more alike. I think they’re right!

Smiling Dog - My Ears Are So Floppy

This dog is so happy he discovered his ears are floppy and not pointy!

Smiling Dog - Guilty Smile

Smiling dog photo fit for a mugshot. Definitely guilty.

Smiling Dog - Awkward Bulldog Smile

This is the OPPOSITE of crossed eyed!

Smiling Dog - Pitbull Smug Smile

If you’ve ever seen a smug dog…

Smiling Dog - I Will End You Smile

While outwardly it may look like a smile, this dog is thinking about ending your life.

Smiling Dog - German Shepherd Saying Cheese To Camera

A proud toothy smile for the camera!

Smiling Dog - Cheesy Grin

That moment when you just got a compliment and not sure what to say…

Smiling Dog - Mid Shake Smile

When you’re happy and you know it shake your head!

Smiling Dog - Awkward Toothy Smile

Just learning how to smile for the camera.

Smiling Dog - Husky Smiling For Selfie With Owner Awkwardly

Oh please! Not another selfie!

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