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20 of the Funniest Halloween Fails That Are Nearly a Win

Not every DIY Halloween costume is a win. Sometimes when you try to buy a costume online or throw one together last minute, you end up with a huge Halloween fail. We’ve put together some of our favorite Halloween costume fails, and a few Halloween fails involving festive treats.

Halloween Fails  Doh

Don’t look it in the eyes. Or should we say “Doh-nt!”

Halloween Costume Fails  I Hope He'S Wearing Pants

Oh no. One of the best Halloween costume fails. Wear clothes.

Halloween Costume Fails  Dory

Um, I didn’t need to find this. But is it a Halloween fail? Nah, maybe a win.

Halloween Fail  Spaghetti Baby

Babies are excellent at creating Halloween fails.

Halloween Fail Meme  Got Costume?

Is that a worm on her shoulder? Also.. Khal Drogo..oh no.

Halloween Fail  Wish

Wish, continually delivering Halloween fails.

Halloween Fail  Sesame Street

Take them off the street.

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Halloween Fail  Narwhale

Nope, nowhere near a Halloween fail. Whale done.

Halloween Fails  Star Wars

As long as you’re having fun.

Halloween Fail  Horse Costume

Think carefully about your child’s costume or it could be one of the funniest Halloween fails.

Halloween Costume Fails  Not So Hot Dog

Hot dog this is a tasty Halloween fail.

Halloween Fails  Banana

They look miserable.

Halloween Fails  Donuts

Still look edible!

Halloween Fail  Rub Me


Halloween Fail  Baby Pumkin

You always think that the babies will look so cute in the pumpkins, a DIY halloween costume idea?

Halloween Fail  Bacon Meatloaf

Please return that thing to hell.

Halloween Fail  Pumkin Split

Doesn’t look so gourd.

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