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20 of the Funniest Halloween Fails That Are Nearly a Win

Not every DIY Halloween costume is a win. Sometimes when you try to buy a costume online or throw one together last minute, you end up with a huge Halloween fail. We’ve put together some of our favorite Halloween costume fails, and a few Halloween fails involving festive treats.

Halloween Fails - Doh

Don’t look it in the eyes. Or should we say “Doh-nt!”

Halloween Costume Fails - I Hope He's Wearing Pants

Oh no. One of the best Halloween costume fails. Wear clothes.

Halloween Costume Fails - Dory

Um, I didn’t need to find this. But is it a Halloween fail? Nah, maybe a win.

Halloween Fail - Spaghetti Baby

Babies are excellent at creating Halloween fails.

Halloween Fail Meme - Got Costume?

Is that a worm on her shoulder? Also.. Khal Drogo..oh no.

Halloween Fail - Wish

Wish, continually delivering Halloween fails.

Halloween Fail - Sesame Street

Take them off the street.

Halloween Fail - Narwhale

Nope, nowhere near a Halloween fail. Whale done.

Halloween Fails - Star Wars

As long as you’re having fun.

Halloween Fail - Horse Costume

Think carefully about your child’s costume or it could be one of the funniest Halloween fails.

Halloween Costume Fails - Not So Hot Dog

Hot dog this is a tasty Halloween fail.

Halloween Fails - Banana

They look miserable.

Halloween Fails - Donuts

Still look edible!

Halloween Fail - Rub Me


Halloween Fail - Baby Pumkin

You always think that the babies will look so cute in the pumpkins, a DIY halloween costume idea?

Halloween Fail - Bacon Meatloaf

Please return that thing to hell.

Halloween Fail - Pumkin Split

Doesn’t look so gourd.

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