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21 Funny Double Take Photos You’ll Have to See to Believe

Sometimes, the pictures that you take just isn’t quite what you expect. While your intentions could be pure, the results can sometimes be shocking! On first glance, some of these photos might be NSFW! But once you look again, you’ll realize that it was just a totally innocent example of funny double take photos fit for sharing on the internet!

Don’t make that mistake. All of these are innocent pictures but you’ll need to really look carefully.

funny photo double takes - who's lifting who?

Strong girlfriend.

funny double take photos - baby legs

This baby’s legs are growing fast.

funny double take photo - cute girl but hairy arm

Cute girl, but hairy arms and legs…

funny picture double take photo - too much skin

Oh girl, you can’t do this in public.

funny pictures double take photo - dog with arms and legs

That’s a good dog.

funny double takes photo - nice ride

Nice ride.

funny photos double take - flasher alert

Close your eyes now.

funny double take photos - midget bridesmaids

Are these hobbit bridesmaids?

funny double take photo s- big hand

Gotta HAND it to ya… you’ve graduated boy!

funny double take photos - big head

Midget in the water!

funny double take picture - is that a nip slip

Is that a Nip slip?

funny double take photo - midget kiss

This kid’s a ladies’ man.

funny double take photo - never stop twirling

Stop it now. I’m dizzy.

funny double take pictures - NSFW

NSFW pic?

funny double take picture - conjoined twins

Conjoined twins.

funny double take photo - bullying the midget

Don’t bully the midget!

funny double take photo - watch where you put those hands

I bet she snowboards goofy.

funny double take photo - houdini

Magic Carpet on the beach!

funny double take photo - angry news anchor

Middle Eastern news anchor waving an AK on set!

funny double take photo - little head

Small head… big ideas right?

funny double take photos - hunchback

Hunchback of Notre Dame love.


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