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23 Inspirational Quotes on Change and New Beginnings
Changequote Adventurebegins

Are you ready? Even just deciding to make a change is the beginning of an adventure.

Changequote Bestday

Start here. Start now. Let’s go! What are you waiting for? You can always start over and change your story.

Changequote Clear

The decision doesn’t always come easy, however. Do you think you need to make it? Then do.

Changequote Closedoor

Yes, but you also open the door to possibility. 


Edison had many failed inventions but he knew he also had unlimited possibilities. So do you. You will come to find them.

Changequote Far

It may not seem like it, but the road ahead has plenty to love.

Changequote Flower

What can you change? Even the smallest change is still a change, and can have a domino effect?

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Changequote Iknow

You’re going to be so thankful when its over, and you’ll be stronger too.

Changequote Justbegin

Too often we overthink change, and feel paralyzed because the conditions aren’t “right.” They may never be right. Make the change anyway.

Changequote Little

Every drop of rain adds up to a puddle, a lake, an ocean. Start small, grow bigger. 

Changequote Longjourney

Do you know? Is it time to ask yourself?

Changequote Noapologies

You only owe living the best life to yourself. That’s it.

Changequote Plato

It’s often messy and sometimes you don’t know where you’re going, but it’s the most important part. It’s where you decided to make a change or take a step.

Changequote Positive That’s okay. It will get easier.
Changequote Ready

Just think of everything you can learn on this voyage.

Changequote Rearrange

Sometimes it’s not always obvious where that is, however. 

Changequote Scare

No one, not even you, deserves to be unhappy. 

Changequote Uncomfortable

It sucks, but it’s also great because you learn about who you are and what you’re made of. 

Changequote Waves

What will be your direction??

Changequote Youareallowed

Keep telling yourself this. It’s okay. 

Changequote Yourself

If you can just change yourself and nothing else, don’t fret. Make the changes you can, and the rest will follow. 

Changequote Zig

It’s life’s gift to us. Use it.

Changequote Closemyeyes

Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Changequote Acceptchange

Not everything is going to be able to be changed easily, but whatever you can do, do.

Changequote Power

Know this. You could make just one small step and ignite a whole new set of changes in your life. Will you?

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