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23 Panoramic Funny Animal Picture Fails That Are Hilarious Yet Terrifying

Animal Picture Fails  Shrunken CatYou wake up, and you see this on your couch. What do you do?

Animal Picture Fails  All Legs

Where does the cat begin and where does it end? This funny animal picture fail has us questioning plenty.

Animal Picture Fails  Two Legged Cat

Making my way downtown

Walking fast, faces pass and I’m homebound

6 Legged Cat  Animal Picture Fails

Oh hello kitty….why do you have 6 legs?

Animal Picture Fails  6 Legged Dog

One dog is normal and one dog is decidedly not.

Two Headed Dog  Animal Picture Fails

Two-headed dog awaits treats.

10 Legged Pigeon  Animal Picture Fail

Oh birds are so…what the hell is that?

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Animal Picture Fail  2 Legged Horse

What a horse!

Animal Picture Fail  6 Legged Horse

Been riding on a horse with 6 legs…

Animal Picture Fail  2 Part Kitten

Did a magician put this kitty in a magic box?

Animal Picture Fail  Dog With Springloaded Neck

Dog is a streeeeeeeetch master.

Animal Picture Fail  Another 2 Legged Horse

Oh no. No. no.

Animal Picture Fail  4 Eared Dog

Maybe this is Thor’s dog.

Animal Picture Fail  Mouth Alien From Starwars

It almost looks normal.

Animal Picture Fail  Really Skinny And Tall Dog

Slender Man‘s pup?

Animal Picture Fail  7 Legged Goat

You’ve heard of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff…now meet the 6 legged goat?

Animal Picture Fail  Dog With Chicken Feet

Oh doggie!

Animal Picture Fail  Another Two Legged Dog

Just taking a stroll.

Animal Picture Fail  Beady Eyed Skinny Face Dog

Did he escape from Cartoon Network?

Animal Picture Fail  3 Legged Faceless Dog

It’s a speedy….something!

Animal Picture Fail  2 Part Dog

Oh doggone it, the pup is broken into two.

Animal Picture Fail  The Dog Seal

Part seal, part dog, all cute.

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