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23 Trump Lost Memes Because We’re Still Fighting About the Election




Tick tock.


Time bringing one of the best Trump lost memes.

98459B392F26A021Efe6Fc79239630C6Big. Bigly. Huge. 

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Stop counting! The count is making him lose.

123657945 704163213814100 7230445461565133075 NA worthy ending. Yes, even Star Wars figures in in the Trump lost memes.

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3 recounts, and it’s still the same result!

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It’s over.

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Oops. too early.

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Gritty got it done!

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It’s time. 


Thank you!

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Get out!


Thanks Biff!


We never reset it. 


They look like they know Trump lost, memes are coming, and everything hit the fan.

Gritty 1


Gritty 2

Get your bags packed!

Half Of Republicans

Okay, but they want to do it over again. 

There is no polls manager. Trump lost, memes (karen memes) are all he has left. 

Tumblr Ed75096A6A3C50C2De2F0899C72B49Fa 8E6C653D 500Imposter. 

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