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25 Funny Quotes from The Office

Office Declare

He declared it!




Office Spend Day Talking

What do you expect of her?




Office Christmas Plain

Stanley knows what he wants!




Office Christmas Presents

That’s one way to put it.




Office Christmas Santa





Office Christmas Spirits

A very merry spirit.




Office Happy Birthday





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Office Dont Do That

A good motto.




Office Feared Afraiod

Both of them.




Office Different Year





Office Horrible Things Love

Horrible things.




Office Avril

She’s a rockstar!




Office Kevin Pie

Who doesn’t feel like pie?




Office Handled Undivided

It would be too much.




Office Am I Hero





Office Evil Snail





Office Have Cake

It’s dire.




Office Running Responsibilities

Haven’t we all been there?




Office Fire Me

He doesn’t!




Office Neighbor





Office Quarry

Throwing rocks in the quarry…..




Office Green

Angela sure came up with a funny quote.




Office Angela Note

She’s jealous.




Office Crime Fighting Beaver

Come on, Dwight, don’t you know that?




Office Everyone Fine





Office Find It

Let’s hope we all do.

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