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34 Funny Quotes You Just Have to Read
Funny Absolutely

Nope, none. If I see it, I’m doomed.



Funny Bedazzled Horns

I can see the difference would be astounding.



Funny Coffee Bean Salad

Yummy bean salad with coffee…or coffee itself.



Funny Confetti

Make it like a party.



Funny Dessert Heart

Dessert, like FRIENDS’ theme song, is always there for you.



Funny Easy As Getting Fat

It’s just too easy.




Nobody else’s.



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Funny Fake People

Don’t keep them around. Except you can turn the pennies into a nickel or dime.



Funny How Many At Night

Is that like a minimum? 



Funny I Am Older

They all lied to us.



Funny Karma Menu

Sit tight, she’ll be with you.



Funny Know What Iwant For Dinner

You can’t call me indecisive.



Funny Meinhell

Though let’s be honest, it’s probably HELL.



Funny No End

Stick with food, friend.



Funny Old Enough To Know Better

The ultimate question!



Funny Pizza Breakfast

Viola, magic.



Funny Pizza Roses

Best poem ever.



Funny Probably My Age

They’re being deceived.



Funny Smile Because Its Over

You know it!



Funny Smiling Hate You

Confuse them.



Funny Stressed Giving

Do you? Don’t.



Funny Super Hot Showers

I gotta get that temp just right.



Funny Voodoo Doll

That has to be what’s going on around here.



Funny Wildside

So wild, so hidden.



Funny Wine Hug Glass

Yummy sweet hug.



Funny Work Tip Go Airport




Funny Eveyrthing Falls

Like it’s just a disaster.



Funny Friday 13Th

Monday is the scariest word in the language of the world.



Funny How Evil Youcan Be

Then that mama bear comes out. 



Funny Mondays Shoes

Terrible shoes, terrible day.



Funny Me On A Monday

Me all week.



Funny Retired Monday

Or a child who is off from school for the week. Lucky.



Funny Savage Toddler

Savage as hell.



Funny Thursday Hostage

Soon it will be Friday and then it will end and we don’t talk about what comes after that.

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