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TFB Short Clips

30 Funny Quotes Cause Cheers to the Freaking Weekend
Quote Really Need A Day




Quote Extend Saturday Do it!



Quote Any PlansCovid 19 life.



Quote How Rude Monday




Quote Oh WaitSo no weekend!



Quote So No PlansThey’re grand!



Quote Awake 100

No Nooooo.



Quote Forecast

Be careful!



Quote Welcome Weeeknd

We’re glad to have you.



Quote Weekend Getaway





Quote Weekend Butto




Quote God Gave Us Mondays are definitely awful.



Quote Weekend Goals




Quote Yellow Here they are!



Quote Multi Slackig A new groove.



Quote Weekend Rainbow Sadly.



Quote Pajamas All Day




Quote Messy Bun 1 Love it!



Quote Its Friday Decision So what will it be?



Quote Goig Pretty WellOoops.




Quote Friday Iut

Rocking the PJs!



Quote Friday Good Stories 1

The absolute best.



Quote 70Nicer Fact.



Quote Eh Its Friday Amost.



Quote Frinally


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