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25 Hilarious Quotes from Seinfeld That Are Instantly Relatable
Seinfeld Wasnt This

Elaine is relatable.



Seinfeld Sickday

So sick.




Seinfeld Waste Of Time

There’s a thought.




Seinfeld People Worst

People can be exhausting.



Seinfeld Totally Inadequate




Seinfeld Opoosite

I think we all say this at least once.




Seinfeld Damaged Goods

We all meet everywhere.




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Seinfeld Anyone Time





Seinfeld Everyone Like





Seinfeld Walking

Just walk and talk.




Seinfeld Out There

Is there?




Seinfeld How Getting

The secret.




Seinfeld Hungriest

She proposes a new system.




Seinfeld Thre Friends

Got that limit.




Seinfeld Offered Pie

What kind of pie?




Seinfeld Hi Miserable

2020 motto.




Seinfeld Couldn Taround





Seinfeld Drinkcart

Clock’s ticking.




Seinfeld Exhausting Being

We all have people that make us feel like that.




Seinfeld Dream Hope

A goal.




Seinfeld Selfish




Seinfeld Like I Dont Know

Like, right?




Seinfeld Million People





Seinfeld Depressed Inadequate

The trifecta.




Seinfeld Learned Something


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