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25 Quotes from The Simpsons That Are Pretty Real
Simpsons Never Try 1

There it is.

Simpson Used To Believe

I had hope.

Simpsons Crashing

You know that feel.

Simpsons Give Me Right 1

Sports events.

Simpsons Always Make

The foundation.

Simpsons Dont Weasel

It’s an important life skill.

Simpsons Whole Damn System

Learn young.

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Simpsons Try

For what?

Simpsons Never Want To Leave

Ah, been there.

Simpsons Never Love Anything



Simpsons Most Intense


Simpsons Millions Of Girls

Nailed it.

Simpsons Million Other People

So don’t worry about it.

Simpsons Mediocrity

A question we must ask.

Simpsons Got Deep


Simpsons Flaws WorkNot many of us do.
Simpsons Dont CareThere’s a difference. 
Simpsons Always My Fault

It seems that way.

Simpsons Dont Ask


Simpsons Be Friends

So easy.

Simpson Refuse To Believe

Stick with it.

Simpson Enjoy Moment


Simpson Iron


Simpson Ugh

You know it.

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