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25 Stoat Pictures Because They’re the Cutest Little Predators

Stoat Pictures

This is a stoat. It’s one of the cutest animals ever but is also a deadly predator. 

Best Stoat Pictures

The stoat is a carnivore, and it eats meat. It mainly eats other animals. 

Cutest Stoat Pictures

A stoat is believed to take down a rabbit by using a dance to immobilize the rabbit then killing it.

Stoat Pictures Cutest

Stoats color in the winter and adopt a white coat. This camouflages it nicely against snow.

Cute Stoat Pictures

This stoat is a happily little creature! See his teeth? They’re extraordinarily sharp!

Stoat Pictures Cute

A baby stoat is called a kit. You’ll often see kits in stoat picture collections.

Funny Stoat Pictures

Because of their white fur, it’s harder to get stoat pictures in winter.

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Stoat Pictures Funny

Stoats go into the burrows of other animals to find food. They then use the fur of the animals they killed to line their nests.

Lovable Stoat Pictures

Stoats are estimated to be in North America over 500,000 years ago.

Stoat Pictures Lovable

Stoats make a little trilling sound.

Adorable Stoat Pictures

Stoats weren’t native to New Zealand. They were brought there to hunt rabbits.

Stoat Pictures Adorable

Stoats have been hunted for their fur, but are not listed as endangered.

Stoat Pictures Hilarious

Stoats are known as one of the 100 Most Invasive Species thanks to their introduction in New Zealand.

Hilarious Stoat Pictures

The word “stoat” is derived from the word “naughty” in Dutch (stout).

Best Stoat Pictures

A male stoat is a jack, and a female stoat is called a jill.

Stoat Pictures Best

Despite how cute stoat pictures are, please know that a stoat is not a good pet. In fact, some states forbid people from keeping a stoat as a pet.

Relatable Stoat Pictures

Stoats are natural hunters and they are wild animals. If you find an abandoned baby stoat (a kit), call a wildlife rescue service near you to take proper care of it. 

Stoat Pictures Relatable

Stoats live an average of 4 to 6 years in the wild.

Stoat Pictures Shareable

Stoats are very skilled predators, even at a young age.

Shareable Stoat Pictures

If you see a group of stoats, that’s called a caravan.

Stoat Pictures

Stoats are good swimmers and can climb well, which makes them a deadly match for their prey.

Stoat Pictures

Stoats belong to the family Mustelidae.

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