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26 Funny Snappy Minion Quotes

Snappy Minion Memes  Related

Anyone? Any takers?

Minion What Other People

And watching them react!

Minion Toilet Brush

Ew, never.

Minion Senior


Minion Pay In Bubble Gum

You can also keep any change that you find.

Minion Online Pause

They can’t.

Minion Miss School

Just the friends.

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Minion Marry Him

Nice guy.

Minion Kfc

He can get plenty there.

Minion Housework Fairy

How dare she!

Minion Hammer Stupid

Stop trying.

Minion Found Friday

It disappears so much.

Minion Extra Fat

Come on, I don’t have all year.

Minion Dont Think I Can

Please warn me when it comes next week.

Minion Delivery

Or when the microwave beeps.

Minion Childhood Toys

Oh man.. Or celebrates a “30 year anniversary.”

Minion Check Attitude

Is something missing from it?

Minion Brother Ugly

That’s what siblings say to each other.

Minion Break Her Heart

Yep, don’t hurt her.

Minion Background Noise

Or online shopping on amazon.

Minion 5 Kinds Of Fear

Oh all of those are terrible.

Minion Youngest Sibling


Minion Hitting Cause

Just keep working out the stress.

Minion Remember Pain

Y0u can’t judge others.

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